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HitFactor v.5.1.1. (lifetime without upgrade) - A Music Studio to Create Music With your Computer

by BelaDaddy Software

  • HitFactor is an ideal software solution to create music with your computer. This software tool is a step sequencer, a VST-host and a music studio. HitFactor is a very useful application for song writers and music makers.
  • Supported audio file formats: Wave audio files, OggVorbis audio files.
  • Features:
  • Quick create song. Watch video. Create chord progression.
  • Create guitar melodies with the virtual finger picker.
  • Load drum beats from the Drum beats library.  Auto-create drum beats. Watch video
  • Write your own song including song lyrics. Auto-create instrument melodies.
  • Play and record song using midi keyboard. Play supported audio files.
  • Load Windows 32 bit, VST 2 and VST 3 audio effect plugins.
  • Improve the sound quality with the 10 bands equalizer.
  • Record vocals using microphone. Record streamed audio data.
  • Write and edit song lyrics in the song text editor.
  • Add lyrics to wave, OggVorbis, wma and mp3 audio files. Watch video
  • Play and sing your own song and record it to your hard disc.
  • Save your work as a project file and open it whenever you like.
  • System requirements: 4GB RAM (8GB or more recommended); Intel 2GHz CPU or faster (or other compatible CPU) recommended; 32 or 64-bit Windows; Windows7, Windows8 or Windows10; Windows compatible audio card; Midi interface and Midi keyboard recommended but not necessary.

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