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TrackOFF Basic (6 months license) - Reclaim Your Internet Privacy

by TrackOFF, LLC

  • TrackOFF Basic is comprehensive, easy-to-use privacy protection from hackers and trackers attempting to exploit your identity and personal data online. Standard antivirus can't do that!
  • With TrackOFF Basic, you can keep your browsing history private and stop ads from following you.
  • TrackOFF Basic features advanced technology to prevent the newest form of online tracking, known as digital fingerprinting, as well as one-click removal of super-cookies stored in your browser.
  • TrackOFF Basic even shows you every website tracking you in real-time and lets you browse the web without having your searches stored, shared, or sold.

Key features include:

*Real-time tracking detection that shows who's watching you;

*Anti-fingerprint technology that stops the trackers' latest weapon, digital fingerprinting;

*Cutting-edge cookie removal ​that clears traces of your browsing history;

*Private Search that lets you browse the web free from prying eyes.​

*Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32&64 bit)

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Meet the Developer

TrackOFF is a consumer privacy company that builds best in class tools to secure users' identities and personal data. We're working hard to ensure everyone has the right to online privacy.

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không biết
hanghuan54 commented on 03/18/2017 08:09 Reply
Banicol Ninguno commented on 03/16/2017 21:09 Reply
And me thats why I dont bother anymore, I still log in to see whats happening. But I dont download anymore, this used to be a great website. Not now!
Gerry39 commented on 03/16/2017 19:58 Reply
How about free for non Auslogics users? Isn't that what this website was originally designed for? Makes me think that maybe this site is owned by Auslogics and that in itself is ok but if you're going to use it to try and make sales for your own software by using freebies as bait then that puts a sour taste in my mouth.
perturbed commented on 03/16/2017 16:23 Reply
Me gusta este programa porque es demaisado util

emm3 commented on 03/16/2017 00:19 Reply
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