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Vole Windows Expedition Professional Edition AUTD 1-Year v.3.58 (1 year license)

by Sanwhole

  • Vole Windows Expedition is a new generation file manager, a fast and more graceful way to manage your documents.
  • Vole Windows Expedition Scene-Reproduce feature reproduces all the files and folders that you customized automatically;
  • Docking-tabbed feature lets you dock and table your files and folders as you want. You do not have to manually search, open and close the same files and folders again and again. You do not have to manually adjust the files and folders docking and table position again and again. So have a cup of coffee, open the software and let Vole Windows Expedition do all for you, it will save much time for you every day.
  • With new features like Dual-Explorer, Favorite-Folder, Countdown Timer, six beautiful color themes and more, it is really a faster and more graceful way to manage your documents.
  • If you are tired of opening the same files and folders again and again every day, if you already have your best files and folders collection, if you do not want to remember the long meaningless paths, if you want to save more time for coffee, you may try Vole Windows Expedition now!
  • System Requirements: Windows XP and higher with .NET 4.0

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Meet the Developer
Failed to install on Windows 7. Caused Windows error and generated an error report to send to Microsoft.

The application error: Runtime error 217 and 0057986D

[+] Pros

Not much good to say when it will not even install.

[-] Cons

Unable to install...... errors out.

DaveB reviewed the product on 08/10/2017 02:04