12 Funniest BSOD Sightings

12 Funniest BSOD Sightings
  • 12 Funniest BSOD Sightings

How embarrassing for a huge department store in Toronto! The Bay had four giant screens on its façade suffer from the infamous BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) not just for a moment, but for days.

NIN’s concerts have been accompanied by a BSOD on the giant screen behind the band on stage. Couldn’t they fix it? Well, in fact it looks like that was part of the idea behind the show. The BSOD would appear for a second toward the end of the song The Great Destroyer. Trent is known as a Mac man, so it’s no surprise that he could include this subliminal jab at Windows as part of his act. The nerds in the audience must get a real kick out of it.



What a bummer! You drive up to a Bank of America ATM to get some cash and get a BSOD there. That’s when most of us realize for the first time that ATMs use Windows. (Source)



The Las Vegas Strip has crowds of tourists any time of day or night, attracted by the lights, the entertainment and the gaming fun. That means a lot of people got to witness the Blue Screen of Death at the Paris hotel in the heart of the Vegas Strip.



You wanted some soda? The machine is sort of busy, down with the BSOD bug. Scene from a mall in Edison, NJ.



Is this the kind of clarity one should expect from Vista? Pretty sure this BSOD wasn’t what they meant to demonstrate to the audience at this Vista Showroom. (Source)


Railway stations aren’t safe from the BSOD bug either. This is a scene at St. Pancras International railway station in London, UK. 


 This BSOD was seen at a Walmart store.


Who will want to get a phone that shows this on its screen? That’s definitely an ad fail for Samsung.


The whole world witnessed this BSOD at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.


This one is historic. During a Windows 98 demo at Comdex, the USB plug-and-play system was being shown off. They plugged in a scanner and instead of showing off the simplicity plug-and-play was to bring into PC users’ lives, got this… a Blue Screen of Death.


This is what BSOD looks like in German.

Source: Oddee.com

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