5 Technology Related Myths You Should Not Believe

5 Technology Related Myths You Should Not Believe
  • 5 Technology Related Myths You Should Not Believe

Gadgets you use every day are surrounded by all sorts of advice and tips that may be bad or simply outdated. How do you know which of those tips aren’t to be believed? Here are a few technology related beliefs that are merely myths. Bet you’ll be surprised to see at least one of them on this list.

1. Turning your phone’s brightness down extends its battery life.

You may have heard of this or used this trick yourself. It does seem valid, as we are all aware of the fact that brighter lights use more energy. However, with smartphones it simply doesn’t work. It can help a little, especially if you keep your screen on for extended periods of time, but the power savings aren’t anything to speak of. 

Use the ‘Auto Brightness’ option on your smartphone instead. It adjusts display brightness to current lighting conditions, which helps save battery power without compromising your experience. No having to squint or strain your eyes from the screen being too dark in bright daylight. 

What drains your battery more than screen brightness is usually your phone constantly doing things in the background, like downloading, syncing, updating stuff or streaming music. Control those things and you will do a lot more to save power. 

2. Your privacy is fully protected in private browsing mode.

Reading about the “Private browsing” or “Incognito” mode in our web browser, most of us will get the impression that our personal information is fully protected when we enable this mode. Unfortunately, this isn’t totally true.  

The private browsing mode means that the websites you visit or cookies those websites download to your PC aren’t saved on your hard drive. This mode is great for when you need to shop for something that other household members shouldn’t know about (nothing will give away what you shopped for), or when you need to log into several different social network accounts from the same browser, or if you simply want to prevent targeted advertisements. 

What private browsing mode doesn’t do is fully protect you from being spied on or tracked. 

3. Go through all travel sites to find the cheapest airline tickets.

Airfares are set by the airlines and depend on factors such as the day of the week or season. By going to different ticketing websites, you may save a tiny bit on the site’s service fees, but the airfare for the same airline will almost always be the same on all sites. Just like those ‘game of the day’ or ‘free software of the day’ promotions, some travel sites may run ‘destination of the day’ promotions to advertise airfare specials. Few people realize that those special airfares are usually available from other sites at the same time, even if those sites don’t promote these specific destinations. You may find that some websites are more convenient, allowing you to enter flexible search parameters, so that if there is a lower fare on another date, you will see it in your search results. Find a website that does that, and which is convenient for you to use, and check airfares on that site every time you start planning a trip. That will be enough and you won’t have to look all over the web getting the same results over and over. 

4. Third-party phone chargers are dangerous.

When you travel to another city or country, or when you simply need to charge your phone on the go and you don’t have your charger with you, you may feel tempted to buy the cheapest charger there is at the first store you run in. Although the belief about third-party chargers being dangerous has some truth to it (you shouldn’t get just any or simply the cheapest phone charger), you can still find a good third-party charger that will be less expensive than the original and will work just fine with your device. 

Brand names like Monoprice or Belkin are known for quality accessories made for Android and Apple devices. You can safely get a charger manufactured by one of these companies and be sure that it will work you’re your phone. Do avoid charges that are suspiciously cheap and may not even have a brand: those may cause damage to your device. When you hear of fires or explosions caused by a third-party charger, it is usually one of those cheap no-name ones. 

5. You turn off a crashed computer by pulling the plug

It’s hard to find a person who has never experienced a computer crash. You may be in the middle of writing a letter, trying to complete an order online or trying to grab a free software giveaway in the last seconds before it ends, when your mouse suddenly freezes. You start hitting various keys or patiently wait for your PC to come back to life, but nothing happens. 

You know what most of us do at that moment? Right, we pull the plug. Some of us try hitting the power button, but it doesn’t seem to work. So we unplug the power cord.

The best way to turn off a crashed computer is actually to press and hold the power button for up to 10 seconds. Usually in about 5 seconds the computer will shut down. This is a safer way to turn it off, which causes less disruption. 

Now that you know the truth, why not share it with your friends and family? They will thank you!

Source: Foxnews.com

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