9 Google’s Secret Treasures

9 Google’s Secret Treasures
  • 9 Google’s Secret Treasures

Today Google is a gateway to just about anything on the Internet… moreover, it is a gateway to many things that concern particularly you, like whereabouts of your mobile or shipments of your Amazon purchases. If you are registered with Google, it has five secret treasures for you.

Most likely, you already know about it, but it’s worth mentioning: all your search is exclusively yours. No other person would be able to Google your vacation or business destination. This feature relies on how much you’re involved in other Google means, such as Gmail, nevertheless it is quite helpful timesaver if you need to jump from Google web page or Chrome.

I’ve lost my phone”

The most recent addition and by far is the simplest option to handle Android Device Manager. With Google “I’ve lost my phone”, you will know all whereabouts of the mobiles that are signed to Google service. It gives you many options, like ring or block the number, find out where is it at, and it’s suitable for either Android or iOS gadgets.

Contact <name>”

This hidden treasure will let you jump from Google search site right to your Google Contacts, all you need to do is to put the name you need next to the keyword “contact”. If system finds several names, it will also provide several choices of action – just choose particular one to start an audio call via Hangout.

My deliveries"

Moving on. You can simply synchronize your own searches from your Google account and Google data. Go to “my deliveries” (it can be “shipments” or “orders”) and check all your latest transactions in one place – your inbox, each of the entry will provide, if any, shipment details, as well as how much you paid.

My flights”

For quite some time now, Google has advanced the technology of organizing everything you have in your inbox as to arranging your trips. Just Google “my flights” to have all your destination arrangements in one place. Each of the entries will have the entire itinerary and all-important information.

My hotels"

My hotel” option, in a way, is similar to “My flights”, where Google gets information from your inbox and provides you with all your booking details. Moreover, if you go to any single listed information – it will also find emails in Gmail that are related to this hotel, as well as how to get to the destination or if you have been in that hotel before.

My shows”

Whether it is a concert, or movies, or famous artist performance, “My shows” will find everything that you have relevant to these events in your Gmail account to keep you in the loop of the latest trends. Google is pretty good at putting such information together. Synchronize it with “My reservations” and you will get the best of two worlds on the same page.

My bills”

Nobody likes the time when you have to make your monthly payments, but it has to be done anyway. “My bills” will make this task much easier if you have anything relative to such payments in your Gmail account. Needless to say, Google can always help in finding help with monetary matters.

My events”

My events” is a perfect way to organize your day, or a month, or a whole year in Google Calendar. It’s going to be your personal assistant, who you can always ask “When is my nephew coming?” or “What are my plans for tomorrow” and Calendar will provide everything relevant to your question. Each event will have detailed information on when, where and how.

My photos”

Finally, we come to Google Photos. Although you can use it only with in-house photo storage account, Google will provide everything it has available to “My photos” and “My videos”. How about try to play with it and ask for “Photos with my baby” or “My photos at soccer practice”. It is always responds and get results right away.

Source: Gizmodo.com

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