What Do We Know About Intriguing Fuchsia OS from Google

What Do We Know About Intriguing Fuchsia OS from Google
  • What Do We Know About Intriguing Fuchsia OS from Google

Just 10 years back, Google was a mere web search engine and an advertising promoter, but look at it today! The operating system, developed by Google for Android, without a doubt, is the topmost worldwide, so as Chrome OS, which was somewhat inert at the beginning, lately is definitely advancing forward and dominating inexpensive PC segment. Either one of them is based on Linux kernel, however, Google has taken an entirely new approach and it’s the new OS titled Fuchsia. You can find out more about it on Github.

Quite a number of corporations are using Linux kernel, and there is a reason for that. Of course, the soundness of its abilities has a lot to do with it, but mainly it’s because of the free accessibility under the General Public License. Everybody can utilize Linux kernel as long as the open source components are accessible to everybody else. Now, lets get back to Fuchsia. As stated on Github, “Pink + Purple = Fuchsia (a new Operating System)”.Google’s intriguing Fuchsia is based on a new microkernel named Magenta, which comes from Little Kernel.     

Magenta is designed to be an element of the embedded system, just like on routers and set-top boxes. However, it looks like Google has bigger plans for it. Magenta is very light, yet it is potent enough to support systems that are more predominant. According to Google, Fuchsia is intended for “modern phones and modern personal computers” with agile processors and a lot of random-access memory.

The advantage of creating the system from beginning to end is the flexibility to put together precisely what you require and Google is doing just that. Linux kernel has been widely used for more than 2 decades now and in all sorts of applications. Of course, a huge number of developers provided code throughout these years, which made it somewhat clumsy. A lot of current safety feats in Android are considered to be errors in Linux kernel. Google evaluates its Fuchsia on an assortment of gadgets and tools like Intel NUCs and Acer laptops; Raspberry Pi 3 is next in line. Right now Google is utilizing a system titled Flutter for the interface and Dart as the programing language. 

So what is Google planning for Fuchsia? It looks like Google’s executives do not have a specific idea in mind for now. There is still a chance it can turn into one of those projects that will never see the light of day. Many theorize that Fuchsia will be the next advancement for Android and Chrome OS. However, moving to another platform can cause discordance with current software, which suggests that transition process will be rather complexed. Maybe Fuchsia will evolve into an entirely different full desktop operation system, equivalent to Chrome OS. Regardless to what Google will do with Fuchsia, it is still a thing of the future.

Source: Extremetech.com

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