Four Simple Steps to More Speedy Google Chrome

Four Simple Steps to More Speedy Google Chrome
  • Four Simple Steps to More Speedy Google Chrome

Google Chrome web browser is the most popular third-party browser in the world, however, it is not flawless. One of the arguments against it is its moderate efficiency. To make Chrome faster as well as websites’ browsing, here are four simple steps, which will save you from digging into the intricacies of Chrome’s modus operandi.

Before we start, we always recommend to update Chrome for a better overall efficiency, and to carry out frequent spyware and virus analysis on your PC. For those, who are far beyond us, the average users, try Chrome’s hidden flag settings.

1. Minimize your extensions

It might sound pretty evident, but nevertheless, it remains to be useful – add-ons are not always apparent on the toolbar and a lot of times we simply neglect them. Although extensions are not the main cause of browser’s moderate speed, but accumulation of them can lead to stagnant performance. Remove those you don’t use to improve not only efficiency, but also safety.

In the Chrome menu, open More tools and find Extensions to view all of them. Deactivating extensions is a good start, but the best-case scenario is to remove them completely (you can install them again if you need to). Go to Chrome Task Manager (Shift+Esc if you use Windows) to view all extensions, as well as other applications that take up memory space in your computer. 

2. Choose a modest amount of extensions you need

It does seem totally the opposite to what we’ve just talked about, but bear with us. If you’ll have a modest amount of helpful extensions, they will make Chrome respond faster. One of such useful extensions is Google’s Data Saver – it transmits webpages by means of Google’s servers and densifies numbers 1s and 0s that come to your browser, thus providing speedy processing. Also extensions like One Tab, Tab Suspender and The Great Suspender will help you to enhance Chrome’s performance when it comes to numerous open tabs. They will decrease the amount of required memory as well as the array of images. Try several of them to choose the one you would consider the best.

3. Reduce the amount of plug-ins

This task is somewhat more intricate. The reason is that although your web surfing will become faster, deactivation of plug-ins can affect the performance of particular websites. Our suggestion is to deactivate them one at a time, to make sure everything is operating fine without them. By the way, Chrome plug-ins cannot be removed, they can only be disabled.

Enter chrome://plugins into the browser to view all of them and do a little research to find out which of them you can deactivate without affecting the overall performance. Basically, you can reduce the amount of plug-ins that operate in the background.

4. Clear your cache

There is an ongoing deliberation on whether clearing cache will make your browser faster. Cache was in fact created to improve performance for frequently accessed webpages, however, just like anything else on your computer, cache can pile up causing Chrome to spend more time excavating cached data it is looking for.

To clear your cache, go to Chrome Settings tab, select Show advanced settings and click Clear browsing data. In the window that will open up, select cached images and files, as well as anything else you want to disappear. Change "Obliterate the following items from" to "the beginning of time". You might find that after clearing cache, certain websites will take more time to download, but ultimately, it will improve the overall speed.


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