Twenty Amusing Technology Facts You May Not Be Aware Of

Twenty Amusing Technology Facts You May Not Be Aware Of
  • Twenty Amusing Technology Facts You May Not Be Aware Of

Unless you live in a remote African tribe, technology probably plays a huge role in your life. You use computers, smartphones, smart home appliances and all sorts of other gadgets on a daily basis, and new devices are being invented and released all the time. Lots of things about today’s or yesterday’s technology can make you smile or make you think. We have put together a list of 20 entertaining technology facts that you’ll probably enjoy learning. Read on and have fun!

1. While the normal rate at which a person blinks is 20 times a minute, an average computer user blinks just about 7 times a minute. Did you ever wonder why your eyes might feel so dry when you use a computer for a few hours?

2. Email has been around for longer than the World Wide Web. Hard to believe, but true.

3. Bill Gates’ home was actually designed using a Mac computer. Mr. Gates must have had a problem finding a designer who doesn’t use a Mac.

4. The original 1982 Macintosh computer case has signatures of 47 of Apple’s Macintosh division members.

5. Bill Gates wrote a software program for class scheduling for his school when he was a kid. He tweaked the code a bit to make the program place him in classes where there were mostly girls.

6. Even when a person who works as a typist stays in their office chair all day, their fingers travel about 12.6 miles every day on average.

7. Alaska is the only American state whose name can be typed using letters located in one row on your computer keyboard.

8. EBay processes an average of $680 in transactions every second. Can you believe how huge this marketplace is?!

9. Over a million domain names get registered online every month. Will we ever run out of domain names?

10. Apple, HP, Microsoft, and Google are IT giants that all started in a garage one day. Are you using your garage to the most of its potential?

11. Paid doesn’t always mean you have to pay. There are dozens of software giveaway sites today that let users get paid software for free, and you can sometimes get big-name products (that normally cost hundreds of dollars) in various ‘software of the day’ or ‘giveawayoftheday’ promotions. Just make sure the site is trustworthy.

12. was registered on Valentine’s Day in 2005, so February 14 can also be celebrated as Youtube’s birthday.

13. Although the Qwerty keyboard is more popular, the Dvorak keyboard is proven to be about 20 times faster and more efficient.

14. You can get a virus not just by going to free software giveaway sites, freebie games or through pirated free software download sites. Users have gotten malware in the past by visiting big-name sites like The New York Times, Yahoo, AOL or The Huffington Post, which got corrupted with malware (mostly through malicious third-party ads) in the last few years.

15. The very first online ad banner got created in 1994 and was used the same year. We can’t imagine the web without them anymore!

16. A 15 year old kid was able to hack into NASA computers, which led to a 3-week shutdown of their computer systems. He also hacked Pentagon’s weapons computer. Quite a talent!

17. Today there are more devices connected to the Internet or related to Internet use than there are humans on this planet. 17 billion of them to be exact, as opposed to just under 7.5 billion people living on planet Earth.

18. In the last few years about one eighth of all married couples have met online, and this number is growing annually.

19. Are you an aspiring hacker? Try to hack into Facebook and they’ll pay you as much as $500 if you succeed. You’ll be helping Facebook become safer by doing that.

20. Today there are over a billion active instant messenger accounts worldwide.

We hope you found these facts to be interesting or amusing. Share them with your friends or people you think may like to learn these.


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