Fresh Idea: Drawberry is Turning Your Memories into Real Art

Fresh Idea: Drawberry is Turning Your Memories into Real Art
  • Fresh Idea: Drawberry is Turning Your Memories into Real Art

Do you have a favorite photo of you and your best friend? You and your beloved pet? You against the city skyline at sunset? Or maybe it’s a photo of your baby taking her first steps, your son hitting his first homerun, your first date with your spouse or your rose garden in full bloom for the first time? Warm memories like these painted on canvas and hung on the living room wall can truly make a house a home.

You may have a thousand reasons to explain why you haven’t thought of that yet: you believe it’s too expensive, a good artist is hard to find and so on. Drawberry is here to take those reasons away from you. 

By the way, Drawberry has launched on Read below to see if you like the idea behind Drawberry and check it out on ProductHunt. If you absolutely love it, you can even vote for it there.  

It is a unique new platform that has just been launched and that is basically a community of artists from different corners of the world, who offer their painting services. What’s special about Drawberry is that there are no set prices on anything. You upload a photo you want turned into a custom painting and wait for artists to make their bids. Since artists ultimately compete for your business, you win in every regard. You get to choose an artist by their experience, their rating, their price or any other factors you consider relevant. You can talk to the artist the entire time to make sure the painting you get is just what you wanted.

We can think of a number of reasons to love Drawberry, as it offers a solution to many real-life situations. When you don’t know what to give your parents for their anniversary, a beautiful portrait of the two of them could be a gift they will cherish forever. If your favorite photo is of low resolution and can’t be made into a poster, but you really want it to be on your wall, a Drawberry artist can make a large painting from that photo in any style you want. If you were looking to buy some paintings to decorate your home with, a custom piece of art from Drawberry won’t cost you much more than a store-bought picture, but you will get a unique piece that will show your favorite objects or scenery. 

On Drawberry you can find an artist for any painting style, media or technique. You can order portrait, landscape or still life paintings, or something entirely different.  To use the service, you simply register on, place your order and wait for bids. You are not obligated to accept a bid, so if you don’t like the offers you get, you may simply cancel your order.  It will at least give you an idea of what kind of a price you might expect to pay for custom art. 

As you can see, there are tons of reasons to try Drawberry and not a single good reason not to. Enjoy!

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