Five Easy Legitimate Ways Not to Pay for Premium Software

Five Easy Legitimate Ways Not to Pay for Premium Software
  • Five Easy Legitimate Ways Not to Pay for Premium Software

Who doesn’t love freebies? When we need to get software for a specific task, we normally start by looking at free versions to see if we could get things done without paying a dime. Then we compare those free software versions to premium ones and realize that the features we really need are included in the latter. So we end up shelling out some good money to get software that would help us complete the task at hand.

What if we told you that you don’t have to pay for software anymore? You can actually get those very premium programs for free. And no, we are not talking about pirated copies, those are illegal and can even be dangerous. Here are five ways to get legal copies of premium software absolutely free!

Software Giveaways

This way is the most obvious. There are many software giveaway websites that offer software programs, which are normally paid, for no money at all. It may be hard to sort through those, but do try to read through the site’s terms, search for reviews and take a look at the site’s social network pages. Some giveaway websites specialize in game giveaways that let you grab some freebie games, others offer regular software for PC or Mac, mobile applications or all of the above in one place. You can sign up for newsletters with a few good sites that give away premium software and be sure to participate when you see a software of the day or game of the day offer that sounds interesting.

Publisher Contests

Most reputable software publishers run contests where they give away their products for free. Contests may require you to fulfil some conditions, like share their Facebook posts, send in a video review of their software or something of the kind. To participate, find social network pages of the software companies whose products you would like to get for free, sign up for their updates and keep your fingers crossed.  Keep in mind though that publishers may also give away their products through their partners’ sites and social network pages, so you can just search for software contests and giveaways on sites like Facebook.


If you have a website of your own, a blog or a social network page that has a lot of followers, you can simply contact software publishers and offer to review their product on your blog in exchange for a free license. But even if you don’t have a blog, you may be able to get software for free by reviewing it. It may come as a surprise, but many software companies that make great products still have a shortage of informative user reviews. They may be willing to give you a free license if you take the time to create an informative video review or a written review with photos that they could use in their promotional materials. Simply send them an email and offer to do that for a free license. It won’t work every time, but it will at least sometimes. 

Beta Testing

Beta testers basically test newly released versions of software products to help the developer find any bugs and make improvements before the official release. Oftentimes, when a software program is offered for beta testing, it is already close to being as good as the version that will get released to the public. Signing up for a beta testing program with publishers is a great way to get quality paid software for free. 

Free Software with Purchase

If you are not against paying for software at least sometimes, you may want to look for offers that include free additional software with a purchase of some software product. Some offers may be better than others, but as long as you run your search regularly and monitor your favorite publishers, you are almost sure to hit the jackpot at some point. 

Do you know other ways to get awesome paid software for free? Let us know!

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