Keyboard Timesavers for Faster Internet Browsing

Keyboard Timesavers for Faster Internet Browsing
  • Keyboard Timesavers for Faster Internet Browsing

In our fast paced life, we want even to surf the Internet in more speedy and dynamic way. Without a doubt, you can master your mouse like a real pro, but did you know that your keyboard can be pretty handy in saving time as well. The shortcuts we offer in this article have been confirmed to work in Google Chrome, but variation of the browser should not make that much difference.

Space – you don’t need to go down the pages by means of scroll bar, just tap few times on the Space bar. To return to the top – press Shift+Space.

Tab – can be pretty useful to jump over the hyperlinks. To return – press Shift+Tab; to click on the link – use Enter.

Alt+left cursor key (also Cmd+left cursor key) – will take you back to the previous page in the browsing records; as you might have already guessed, Alt+right, just as Cmd+right will take you forward.

F5 – will reload the page you’re on right now. If you would like to cease the load of the page – press Esc; to load everything from the very beginning with cached-elements – press Ctrl+F5.

Alt+Home (also Cdm+Shift+H) – regardless which website is open in the tab, it will load up your home page.

Home (also Fn+left cursor key) – will get you to the beginning of the page. Press End (also Fn+right cursor key) to get all the way down.

Ctrl+Plus (also Cmd+Plus) – zooms in on the picture and enlarges images. Press and hold Ctrl (also Cmd) and hit Minus to reverse the zoom, or 0 to bring the picture to its original size.

Ctrl+L (also Cmd+L) – regardless where you’re at on the web page, will get your cursor to the browser’s address bar to type in another website address.

Ctrl+T (also Cmd+T) – will launch a new tab so you can begin another search. Press Ctrl+N (also Cmd+N) to launch a new window.

Ctrl+Tab (also Cmd+Option+right cursor key) – advance through available tabs (press Shift or Cmd+Option+left to go backwards).

Ctrl+1-8 (also Cmd+1-8) – will take you to a particular tab, counting from left to right. Ctrl+9 (also Cmd+9) will take you to the last tab available.

Ctrl+W (also Cmd+W) – will terminate the tab that is open right now. If you want to terminate all of them together with the browser – press Shift+Ctrl+W (also Shift+Cmd+W)

Ctrl+Shift+T (also Cmd+Shift+T) – will restore the last terminated tab (possibly with previously mentioned Ctrl+W shortcut).

Ctrl+click (also Cmd+click) – will open URL in an additional tab in the background (it is a mouse-and-keyboard combo, but we’ll let it live in this list).


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