Technology Industry Macro Trends to Watch

 Technology Industry Macro Trends to Watch
  •  Technology Industry Macro Trends to Watch

Not that long ago, the Internet was so new, that we could never imagine we’d have the likes of Facebook, Google, Wikipedia or EBay. Look at where we are now! If the Internet progressed so fast, then it’s safe to assume that there are other things in today’s technology industry that have the potential to take us someplace unimaginable. Could today’s technology trends give away the secret to what the future holds for us? We shall see.

More interactive and intelligent systems

If you scan through tech news today, you will come across a lot of excitement about and interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning and autonomous vehicles, which are all basically part of one trend. Systems are becoming more intelligent and these technologies are used in more and more ways every year. Every large player in the IT industry has gotten involved in research and development in the AI field. This includes companies like Google, IBM and Amazon, along with a few others, which have invested a lot of money into AI, amounts comparable to previous investments in the cloud technology. Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s acquisition of an even better virtual assistant, Viv, and moves by other tech giants to buy or develop advanced AI technologies prove that this is important for our future. We expect to see more decision-making capabilities in virtual assistants and other AI tools. They will be used by businesses to provide a more engaging experience to their customers. With such AI tools looking so smart it’s easy to get carried away and start trusting them more than we should. The thing is that this “intelligence” is based on historical data and can in no way replace a human brain. At least not yet… 

Both virtual and augmented reality are going mainstream and are likely to require businesses to build, rent or buy these technologies to stay on top of things. 

Technical Design Giving Way to Social Design

Although it has long been known that social aspects are just as important in software creation as technical aspects, today we especially appreciate the positive effects of team structure. When you structure an organization into small-size teams, each with its own set of goals and success criteria, the results the teams deliver can be significantly better. Technologies like PaaS, self-service cloud, the DevOps cultural environment and the microservice architecture enable this kind of team structure. 

Team diversity has been shown to get better results too, but it remains a challenge in the tech world. Technology giants understand this and make a lot of effort to diversify their teams.  

The importance of platforms

The meaning of the word “platform” has widened a lot recently and has come to signify an array of things in the technology world. It can mean something traditional like Oracle or SAP, Platform-as-a-Service or another cloud infrastructure, or something ambitious like business-as-a-platform. They have even coined a term, “platform thinking”, which is a hugely important part of the technology industry nowadays and is sure to play a significant role in the future.  

While it’s too early to go into panic mode over the forecasts that “humans are about to all get replaced by robots”, technology is still progressing at a very fast pace. Following the latest trends and “jumping on the wagon” when the time is right will help any business succeed and thrive. 

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