The 20 Cool Inventions from the Future. Can You Believe They Are Real?

The 20 Cool Inventions from the Future. Can You Believe They Are Real?
  • The 20 Cool Inventions from the Future. Can You Believe They Are Real?

We all like to imagine what the future might be like. And although we don’t commute in airborne vehicles or live on Mars yet, there are still plenty of indications around that the future is already here. Just look at these 20 mind blowing inventions that you probably had no idea existed.

1. Travel to South Korea to see the world's very first virtual reality store. Instead of shelves, the store has touchscreen walls. Shoppers simply tap the items they want and pick up their order at the exit. Definitely more fun than pushing a shopping cart full of groceries around the store.

2. Wait, did I just see the Iron Man?!

3. Want your smartphone to bend like this? It’s already available!

4. See the guy’s eye? He’s got a camera in it!

5. This morphing tabletop tracks your hands’ movements. Isn’t that surreal?

6. Lock it and get your privacy.

7. Look at the download speed you can get on Google Fiber! Did you know that was possible?

8. Netflix anyone? Would be perfect for this Tesla driving display.

9. Just throw your trash up in the air: the trash can will get it! 

10. This is what everyone’s fridge may look like in the future, but you can have one now!

11. That's pretty cool, isn’t it? This invention can make life better for so many people!

12. Many of us have heard of them: self-driving cars. But aren’t they awesome?

13. A 3D printer can print metal items. This is as sci-fi as it gets.

14. Machines get smarter all the time. Just look at that!

15. Yes, all of those in your smartphone...

16. Did you always want to have the dinner menu on a screen right on your table, along with some games and even the checkout? You got it!

17. If you’ve ever had to wear a cast, you’ll understand why this cast from the future is so much better!

18. Have your souvenir custom made (or rather printed) while you watch.

19. No need to carry a dictionary when you travel abroad! You can point your smartphone at foreign signs and have them translated into your language. 

20. Do you like to read on the subway? Check out this metro station in Bucharest!

Aren’t all these things amazing? Who could have thought all of this was possible so soon? This just proves that the future truly is now. 


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