The 7 Most Awesome Software Innovations of 2016

The 7 Most Awesome Software Innovations of 2016
  • The 7 Most Awesome Software Innovations of 2016

Microsoft Skype Translator

Thanks to the Internet, we are all connected now, regardless of where we might live on the globe. However, we can’t truly connect with each other unless we understand each other’s language. Microsoft Skype translator is a major advancement in software application programming. The recently developed application is one of the best software inventions in 2016. The application translates languages into more than 50 different other languages thereby eliminating language barrier. Microsoft Skype translator would definitely foster meaningful relationships with enhanced interaction and understanding irrespective language difference. The real-time translator works with video chats while translating various languages into the desired language which would sound like an electronic voice with the accompaniment of a text translation. The application is very adaptive and can scrutinize incalculable speech samples while translating audio and transcribing words into text. The application gives audio translation in 8 languages and transcripts in over 50 languages.

Google Daydream Labs

The Google daydream labs software is a major software invention in 2016 and takes virtual reality to a whole new level. The software allows animators to build a VR inside a VR.  The interactive mobile VR take immersive experience to a new level with enhanced features and functionalities, such as hand controls, interaction and socializing inside VR.  

Intelligentx Brewing Company 

This astounding software invention is undoubtedly one of the best the world has ever seen. The software uses artificial intelligence to brew beer based on customers’ feedback. The software collates various comments from customers through the company’s Facebook online system; the various comments, remarks and recommendations are incorporated by the Artificial intelligence software in creating a blend that is tailored to customers’ requirements. 

WhatsApp Encryption

The Whatsapp encryption software has significantly enhanced privacy and security in a thoroughly refreshing way. The newly incorporated software helps protect the privacy of chats, images, videos and voice notes and other shared documents on the Whatsapp technology. The Whatsapp encryption app provides end-to-end encryption which allows only the two parties involved in a communication to view files and read messages. This encryption software provides you and the recipient with a lock that allows only the parties involved to access messages for heightened security.  

Numinous Games' That Dragon, Cancer

This gaming software chronicles the journey of Ryan Green’s son, Joel in his battle with brain cancer and the daunting responsibility of raising a child with crippling health conditions. Joel was diagnosed with the incurable disease at the age of one and struggled till four before he eventually died.  The exploration game is very emotionally engaging, leading you progressively through the four year struggle. Players would take the role of Joel’s parents and would have to follow through on the various stages involved in catering to a child with cancer. The interactive game also challenges the players’ decision making ability.

Microsoft and Univ. of Washington DNA Storage 

This invention has improved the way data is stored in ways that were previously farfetched. The mindboggling DNA storage allows massive amounts of digital data to be stored using DNA sequencing. The invention offers two outstanding benefits which are hinged on storage of astronomical amounts of digital data and permanence of data storage. The data storage is designed in DNA sequence and is just as resilient. The storage can last for a very long period of time which translates to thousands of years. 

Snapchat Lenses 

Snapchat lenses software application offers an exciting dimension to share videos, pictures and “selfies” while connecting with friends and loved ones in a very intimate and attractive way. This invention has stimulated a fascinating trend in social messaging that would certainly foster meaningful relationships while spreading plenty of fun. Snapchat lenses allow users to augment pictures, and videos with a variety of interestingly colorful animations that are overlaid on the video or picture. You can add a caption, doodle or lens for a distinctive effect that helps you share moments and create many fun memories.


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