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HissenIT Masterdata v.1.1 + Skype add-on (lifetime license)

by HissenIT

  • HissenIT Masterdata is a Windows software for easy, universal master data management.
  • Besides common basic data, the software stores any number of addresses and other contact data of people or companies.
  • An arbitrary number of custom data fields can be defined.
  • Moreover, existing files, documents, and folders can be referenced from a data record. These can be opened and edited directly from within.
  • HissenIT Masterdata is using the associated default program. These can be but are not limited to, e.g., Word documents, Excel sheets, photos and other file types (pdf, doc, xls, txt, exe, …).
  • If e-mail addresses are collected as well, the software allows to create new mails directly from a data record.
  • HissenIT Masterdata is right for self-employed people, little and medium-sized companies, clubs, schools, or private individuals with the need for a universal master data management. It can be used, for instance, as simple address management or customer database.
  • The included commercial Skype plug-in contains an integration with Skype. Collect Skype contacts in your database and directly trigger and open Skype to start chatting or calling the Skype contact.
  • System requirements: Windows 7 or higher;

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