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Taghycardia 1.09 Pro (lifetime license)

by Taghycardia.info

    Taghycardia is a highly automated music tagger that:

    • Fixes tag issues causing album splits, wrong track order, and title display issues on Android and iOS devices;
    • Ensures compilations are uploaded to mobile devices in an accessible form;
    • Fixes tag faults (empty album/artist fields, differences in album/artist spelling, missing/wrong track numbers, missing track titles);
    • Can detect info (album, artist, year) on untagged music albums;
    • Automatically downloads cover art, optionally embeds in tags;
    • Automatically finds lyrics for the tracks and embeds in tags;
    • Can quickly remove covers from the tags of multiple albums to save space;
    • Has an integrated folder-level tag editor with a semi-automated tracklist finder;
    • Creates Unicode playlists for PCs, Android devices, car stereos, etc.
    • Supports MP3/flac/MP4/APE/WMA/OGG formats;
    • Works under Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10;

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Meet the Developer

Disheveled Codes is a small company headquartered in Hawthorne, CA, that creates freemium/shareware utility software for specific use cases. The most prominent project of Disheveled Codes yet is taghycardia, a highly automated tool for fixing digital music metadata and finding album cover art.To contact Disheveled Codes, write to support@taghycardia.info

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