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Power-user v1.6.172 (1 year license)

by Power-user SAS

  • Power-user, top productivity add-in for PowerPoint and Excel;
  • Create stunning PowerPoint & Excel to impress clients and managers in a competitive business environment;
  • Increase your productivity by up to 40% to meet deadlines, save time and reduce labor costs;
  • Focus on making an impact instead of spending your time on low added-value tasks like formatting;
  • A huge library with thousands of templates, icons, diagrams, maps and charts directly in your presentation!
  • System requirements: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista;

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Regular price $198

Meet the Developer

Power-user SAS is a company founded in 2015, and based in Paris (France).

The first version of Power-user was released in December 2015, and met a great success among professionals in consulting, finance and marketing. After less than 6 months of existence, Power-user already had 50,000 users, located everywhere in the world.

Since then, several upgrades were made to improve the software and add new innovative tools helping businesses make an impact with their PowerPoint presentations and crack their data on Excel.

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