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OnlineTV 13 Plus (lifetime license)

by Engelmann Software GmbH

  • Since 2002 onlineTV already shows a completely new way to legal listening and recording radio streams via internet. Since the beginning, onlineTV was downloaded several million times. With onlineTV 13 we perfected our vision.
  • What exactly is onlineTV?
  • OnlineTV gives you access to hundreds of music videos, TV live streams, radio streams, webcams and more;
  • Select from hundreds of music video's your favorite song;
  • Listen to your favorite local radio stations directly via internet;
  • Read the latest news of your daily newspaper ... from any point on earth;
  • You don't have a TV or you are not at home? All you need is just a computer and internet access;
  • Record while you're watching and upload it to the Google Drive or OneDrive cloud;
  • System requirements: Windows 10/8/7/ (32 and 64 bit) and Android; IExplorer® Version 10 or higher;
  • Optional: Flash Player ( or higher).
  • Optional: Windows® Mediaplayer 11 or higher;
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