Giveaway Club Premium

Reach your new customers at zero price!

What is Giveaway Club Premium?

The Premium Section is a unique approach to giveaways that helps ensure that your software is only given away to users capable of paying. It is a great way not only to increase brand awareness, but to ensure your future sales, especially when it doesn’t cost you anything!

About Giveaway Club Premium

How can we guarantee that your software will be downloaded by users ready to pay for good programs like yours?

It’s easy. The Premium Section requires users to pay a monthly fee to access. In return, users get to download 10 to 15 top software products for free any time during the month instead of just for 24-48 hours.

Advantages for Partners

What advantages do our partners get when working with Giveaway Club Premium?

Get access to a database of Premium users who download your software, so you can promote your products to them after the giveaway.

Advertise your other programs through our newsletter, cross-promotions, in the ‘You may also like…’section on our website, all our social accounts. That’s exposure to over 500,000 visitors monthly, mostly USA, Australia and Tier 1 countries. All these options are FREE for you!

Advantages for Partners

What advantages do our partners get when working with Giveaway Club Premium?

Advertise your other programs at the product page under Developer’s best deals menu.

Vendor Dashboard

How will you get the data on your downloads and new users?

Giveaway Club Premium partners get registered in our system and given access to our special vendor dashboard that is available to you 24/7. It’s a multifunctional self-service platform where you could manage all your giveaways and products, export data on the number of downloads and get email addresses of those users who download your software from Giveaway Club’s Premium section.

Our Contacts

As our valued partner, we would like to invite you to promote your great products through the new Premium section on . Why not try it? It doesn’t require you to spend a single dollar!

Join Premium

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