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Anti-Spy for Windows 10 v.1.0.6498

by Engelmann Software GmbH

  • The Windows 10 Anti-Spy allows you to deactivate more than 80 annoying and, to some extent, very presumptuous spy features in the Windows operating system, in browsers and media players.
  • Really great: After deploying the Anti-Spy, you can say goodbye to the following:
  • You won’t receive any personalized advertising from Microsoft and its partners.
  • You won’t allow personal data and information to be extracted from emails and browser history by Cortana and Microsoft.
  • You will ban information about your location from being disclosed or saved.
  • You won’t be a cheap component in Microsoft’s peer-to-peer network that allows the corporation to use your bandwidth to distribute updates.


  • Anti-Spy for Windows 10 v.1.0.6498 screenshot 1
  • Anti-Spy for Windows 10 v.1.0.6498 screenshot 2
  • Anti-Spy for Windows 10 v.1.0.6498 screenshot 3
  • Anti-Spy for Windows 10 v.1.0.6498 screenshot 4

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