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Task Manager - Business Task Management v.20|20

by Orbisoft Corporation

  • Use Orbisoft's latest award-winning Task Manager 20|20(tm) business task management software to get organized and manage all your team's jobs and tasks effortlessly. Task Manager 20|20 can be used personally or in a team environment to track personal and shared tasks, jobs (including customer jobs) and projects.
  • Get a quick-view of all your tasks, guard against missed deadlines, balance workloads automatically and forecast work bottlenecks and quiet times.
  • Sample reports include: tasks listed by deadline or date received, tasks by team member, tasks currently overdue, tasks due today, task time budgets, workflow trends, time allocation pie graphs, main/sub-tasks, and many more. 
  • Customizable email reminders, field, program and table security, ActiveX fields, auto-scheduling, auto-lookup, and many other advanced features are available.
  • Task Manager 20|20 is a 'must-have' if you are losing track of your office tasks, jobs and projects. 
  • Download size: 17 MB
  • Supported OS and other system requirements: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP



  • Task Manager - Business Task Management v.20|20 screenshot 2
  • Task Manager - Business Task Management v.20|20 screenshot 3
  • Task Manager - Business Task Management v.20|20 screenshot 4
  • Task Manager - Business Task Management v.20|20 screenshot 5

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