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DoYourData Super Eraser V5.5 (lifetime license)

by DoYourData Software

  • DoYourData Super Eraser provides easy and secure data erasure solution to permanently erase data from PCs, hard drives, RAIDs, Servers, USB drives, memory cards, digital cameras, SD cards, external hard drives. It will permanently destroy & erase selected data, leaving no chance of data recovery, without affecting the service life of the device.
  • Three Data Erasure Modes to Permanently Erase Your Data:

-Selectively Erase Files/Folders: Super Eraser allows you to selectively erase the files or folders from hard drive or storage media.

- Wipe Hard Drive Partition: Permanently wipe entire hard drive partition or storage device to erase all existing and history data.

- Wipe Unused Disk Space: Wipe unused disk space to permanently erase deleted/lost data without affecting the existing data.

  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 and Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003 

    • Disk Space: at least 60 MB 

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Meet the Developer

DoYourData Software, established in 2013, is a professional data recovery & erasure software developer. DoYourData Software is committed to providing global users with high quality software products. It offers data recovery and data erasure software & solutions for Mac, Windows, and iPhone users to recover lost data from PC, Mac, Storage Media and iPhone, iPad, iPod touch etc. DoYourData products have been downloaded by millions of users in (more than) 80 countries.

Program is trialware if there is no instructions on how to register the prog with the given serial number. What's Up?

[+] Pros

Does what it says

[-] Cons

skimpy in features compared to other apps in the class,especially the browsers clean up, no support for other temp files that need to be deleted for proper cleanup. Again where does the serial number go?

Giveawayfanboy reviewed the product on 08/04/2017 06:02
Allows you to select the number of passes to wipe folders, files or free space. Adds an entry to windows explorer right click menu to allow on demand wiping of selected files or folders or you can drag & drop the targets on the program gui. Can also wipe internet history.

[+] Pros

Straightforward easy to use & seems to do what it says on the tin. Gives a few options of wipe method from basic to paranoid. The more passes the longer it will take. 35 passes is very thorough. Won't let you wipe your entire system partition as a safeguard against accidents.

[-] Cons

If you're looking for other functions like encryption of files this isn't what you're looking for.

FreebieHunter reviewed the product on 08/04/2017 01:36
where do we put the serial?????

[+] Pros

very good soft

[-] Cons

where do I put the serial???

mark0 reviewed the product on 08/03/2017 09:39
DoYourData Super Eraser is a good software. Strong wipe my files. I will use it aways.

[+] Pros

useful, strong, Erase completely

[-] Cons

Hope is more powerful

Joker. reviewed the product on 11/16/2016 01:34