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Perfecto Encryptor PRO v. (1 year license) - encrypt your data fast and securely

by Black Bird Cleaner Software

  • Perfecto Encryptor will encrypt your data fast and securely!
  • Don't you feel safe? Can't you control the protection of your personal information from other users? This unique program will help you to keep any of your files and folders in encrypted form. And only you can decrypt your files. With our software your information will be completely protected from other users and you will feel yourself completely safe.
  • Main features of the program:
  • Files Encryption;
  • Folder Encryption;
  • 4 Encryption Algorithms;
  • Privacy Protection;
  • Requirements: .NET 4.0
  • Perfecto Encryptor will encrypt your data fast and securely! Try and be sure!
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Meet the Developer

The company was founded in Lviv, Ukraine in 2016, developing software in the area of PC optimization. The company has created such software titles as: Black Bird Cleaner, Black Bird Registry Cleaner, Black Bird Image Optimizer and Black Bird System Info.

I am unable to give a proper review of Perfecto Encryptor PRO v. because it refuses to activate to pro version. The program remains a trial version (not activated) after inputting the license key twice. I need some help, please.

[+] Pros

It looks very promising but I cannot confirm until the program is activated.

[-] Cons

The 1 year license is a disappointment.

Leslie W reviewed the product on 12/03/2017 20:34