5 Great Video Presentation Software Tools

Want to create a video presentation? Check out great free video presentation software that you are sure to like!
  • Want to create a video presentation? Check out great free video presentation software that you are sure to like!

This article will feature 5 handy video presentation software titles. Anyone will find something to their taste: free or paid, basic and pro versions, online presentation software and desktop apps - find out more about screencasting and decide for yourself. Get a better understanding of the world of video, audio and narrations.

Video presentation programs have been growing in number lately due to the vast demand for appealing personalized content in studies, business coaching and knowledge transfer of any type. What’s the best video presentation tool you may ask at this point? There is no accounting for tastes, but here are some nice picks for you to consider.

Great Free Video Presentation Software: TechSmith Camtasia

Camtasia is a very popular tool with a large number of users. This video presentation software is given kudos for quality recording and ease of use while capturing specific windows or the entire desktop.

Its most praised features are audio, video, cursor and mic editing when the recording is over. Connect your webcam and record your live comments as a separate track. It is very easy to trim video fragments, add various effects and remove noise. This software also stands out with video length you can record and then output. It is compatible with both Mac and PC, and your project can be saved in the popular .avi format. 

You can also install the Camtasia toolbar into PowerPoint and record presentations in a familiar format. Share the output project online via YouTube, Google Docs, MyPlaces and so on – immediately, straight from the program dashboard.

The drawback of this tool is the lack of an online version. The installer is heavy in megabytes and requires quite a lot of space on your hard drive. Another weak point is no support for digital cameras, as it was only meant to be compatible with webcams. 

Camtasia Studio has a free trial edition. A standard one-user license will cost you $249.00. One-year maintenance is $49.75. You can try to catch this software as a giveaway on Giveaway Club for free, that would be rare luck!

Great Free Video Presentation Software: PowToon

PowToon is free presentation software that will become your best friend in creating animated slides with added audio, narration and video. This interactive presentation software makes it super easy and fun to deliver your message in a nice-looking way to your audience.

The interface looks much simpler than PowerPoint, all you need to do is choose from a bunch of ready-made templates, editing options, insert items from the image library and you are all set to go live with your presentation!

The setback is that slides can only be more than 20 seconds long, and the selection of animation effects is poor - just 12 items. You can choose to integrate only one sound into your presentation: voice dictation or a background theme.

The good thing is that you can add transitions between slides, as with transitions your presentation looks more complete. 

PowToon is a handy tool for beginners and those who lack skills in crafting slides.  

However great this tool is, the competition in presentation software is tough and its scarce functionality, no auto-save feature and inability to save an offline version leave much to be desired.

The free version has basic features. But there are extended plans available with costs starting from $16 to $99 per month.

Great Free Video Presentation Software: Vyond

Vyond offers a cloud-based service to design custom animated video presentations with various tools: drag-and-drop, backgrounds, characters, props, music tracks, sound and video effects.

The wide range of features includes a fun character builder, content publishing in one click, downloading the project as a high quality MP4 file.

Vyond offers automatic lip-sync functionality. You can integrate a voice narration track to your characters and see them lip-sync in line with the track.

This tool is also famous for ease of use, ability to design animated infographics, import images, music, video and screen recordings, voice recording and easy publishing.

With regard to the mentioned pros, there are cons as well. For example, it takes time to load YouTube or synthetic voice sounds, that are a bit discouraging, only one character can speak or move at a time, and if you would like to add customization, you will have to purchase an upgrade to the paid version. Payment varies depending on output quality and restrictions, export options and extra features, and would cost you from $49 to $159 per month.

Great Free Video Presentation Software: Zentation

Another online presentation software tool we could recommend is Zentation. Its prominent feature is that you can combine Google Video with PowerPoint. It works great for newbies. Often chosen for tutorial videos, it lets you record speech over video and publish slides along with the clip, the video is on the left and the slides are on the right. You can also upload videos to the Zentation server. If you upgrade to the premium plan, you will be free to use their upload server as you wish. Besides, upgrading removes ads while the free functionality is limited and quite basic. 

As for the editions - the major edition is free and contains ads. The premium version will let you upload videos to the server, and provide other perks. The premium subscription software price is $45/month per presentation.

Great Free Video Presentation Software: Moovly

If you want to impress the audience with your professional looking videos and presentations, you should consider Moovly as animated presentation software.

Easily design lessons, tutorials, presentations, put together photos, videos, sounds to enhance your multimedia skills, and impress your audience with this web-based platform that does not require software installation. Enjoy a vast selection of standard libraries integrating ready-made items into your presentation, including rich animation effects. However, the free version has limited functionality and publishing options offering a Complete HTML5 cloud-based editor and 1+ million free videos, sounds, & images.

The paid version offers advanced features, such as data sharing, ability to upload personal content, to use extra effects libraries and to download videos in HD quality. You’ll need to pay $24.92 per month to get access to 170+ million premium videos, sounds, and images, publishing to social media, unlimited downloads or exports, best video quality: up to HD 1080p, no Moovly branding, commercial use, priority support, and ability to create templates. 

To sum up the above review of best free video presentation software, we must say that presentation software is a prosperous segment in content creation environment. It is up to you to choose, though the choice is not easy to make. You can easily form your personal criteria list to meet your daily needs at home, school or office within your budget. Create engaging and entertaining content for successful presentations, and hopefully this listing is a good selection to choose from. Pick your favorite software of the day and enjoy!

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