The Best Online Free Video Editing Software

You can create great videos without installing software. Check out our pick of the best online free video editing software tools.
  • You can create great videos without installing software. Check out our pick of the best online free video editing software tools.

Looking for fully-online free video editing software tools that will help make your videos incredible? You are in the right place!

Video editing usually requires special software that needs to be downloaded and installed. If you are interested in this, be sure to read our article on Free Video Editing Software for Desktop.

But if you are here to get free online tools for video editing, which would be really powerful without the need to download anything, read on for detailed info.

Giveaway Club software enthusiasts found the best free video editing software tools available today: from basic to more advanced.

With our list of powerful online video editing software tools you can easily become a video editing freelancer

The Best Online Free Video Editing Software: Movie Maker Online

Before using Movie Maker Online it is best to add some kind of an ad-blocking plugin, because the number of ads you’ll be getting can be very distracting. But you should understand that this tool is free thanks to it being funded by ads, so it’s a necessary evil.

At first glance, the website design may appear strange, but you need to just scroll down to find the timeline. What options does Movie Maker Online have? It lets you upload different files: video, images and music. Then you can add everything to the timeline and create a new project. There are different filters available along with the video cropping option. Other great features include:

- fade option for audio and video,

- text overlays,

- transitions,

- possibility to add royalty-free images and audio files.

There is one disadvantage: your finished project can be exported in MP4 format only. 

The Best Online Free Video Editing Software: ClipChamp

The free ClipChamp version doesn’t have advanced features, but it is a good choice for creating simple videos. This online video editing tool has a very user-friendly interface. You can create an unlimited number of projects and use your own assets. There are great tools for video editing, like cropping, rotating, contrast adjustment and others. When you are done, you can share your project online or export it. In the free version, you can only export videos in the standard definition (480p). 

Check out our pick of the best free video editing software tools that can help you create great videos without installing any program on your computer.

The Best Online Free Video Editing Software: Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is an ideal tool if you need to create video clips for sharing online. This free online video editing software tool has an option to use Adobe's own themed templates for creating your project. You can upload any files or import files from cloud services (photos or videos). There is a great option to add an audio recording to your video from your computer’s microphone.

Other useful features:

- adding titles

- different color themes

- possibility to add music from an impressive choice of options 

- possibility to create square format video (great for Instagram!)

Be prepared that your project will have a small Adobe Spark watermark at the bottom. 

The Best Online Free Video Editing Software: Online Video Cutter

Need the easiest online video editor? Check out Online Video Cutter. It’s a very simple tool that’s also available as an extension for Google Chrome.

Online Video Cutter lets you upload files up to 500MB only. You can also work with your videos that are stored on Google Drive. 

With Online Video Cutter you can trim away unwanted footage. For the footage that was accidentally shot there is a rotate option.

When your project is done you can save your video in different popular formats and choose the desired quality. Remember that higher video quality means larger file size. 

The Best Online Free Video Editing Software: Kizoa

Kizoa will help you create some fun videos for sharing on Twitter or Facebook. This online video editing tool was designed to create slideshow-style videos, but you can also use it to put together a cinematic masterpiece. 

With Kizoa you can rotate and trim video files, combine different video files together and add titles to them. When done, add some tags to your video so you won’t lose it later. Kizoa will give you a shareable link to your project. 

To get a free account, sign up and get 1GB of storage for your videos, but be ready that all of them will have a watermark.

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