How to Become Video Editing Freelancer

Check out our steps to becoming a video editing freelancer. Useful tips and great free video editing software in one place.
  • Check out our steps to becoming a video editing freelancer. Useful tips and great free video editing software in one place.

Thinking about becoming a freelance video editor? A great idea, especially if you already have some video editing skills. But even if you are just starting to practice video editing, it won’t hurt to learn some useful information on how to make money with your video editing hobby. The job of a video editor can be incredibly rewarding and if you are good at it, you can make a lot of money. Video making and editing is today’s trend. We’ve decided to put together some useful tips on how to become a freelance video editor in this article. 

How to Become a Video Editing Freelancer: Improve Video Editing Skills

First of all, you should think about your actual editing skills. Not too confident? Start by spending some time taking online video editing courses (check out YouTube video editing channels) and practice with your projects. This way, soon you will have more skills and will start to feel more confident in yourself.

You should try to shoot more, choose your favourite video editing software and start to edit. If you get familiar with the entire process of making a film, better video editing skills will come with it. Before starting to work as a freelancer, you should be 100% confident in your skills. The customer will not wait while you learn how to apply effects or something else. You should know how much time it will take for you to finish any kind of project, so you can give your customers accurate estimates. 

How to Become a Video Editing Freelancer: Choose the Right Video Editing Software

Check out our steps to becoming a video editing freelancer. Choose the right video editing software.

There are a lot of free video editing software programs you can choose from. Read our detailed guide on the most interesting tools in this article: Free Video Editing Software for Desktop

First of all you should think of what would be the main features you want to see in your video editing software, and what exactly you’d be able to do with it. Our advice is to get started with simple free video editing software in order to build confidence with basic skills before moving to professional video editing software, which is most likely going to be paid.

Great choice of professional video editing software that’s worth buying:

Video Editing Software Worth Buying. Part I

Video Editing Software Worth Buying. Part II 

How to Become a Video Editing Freelancer: Create Online Presence

Check out our steps to becoming a video editing freelancer. Create online presence

You’ll need to have your own online presence and a digital portfolio. New clients always ask to see a portfolio to help them assess the level of your professionalism. How do you build your online presence? You should have social media accounts where you post your projects, and it’s also good to have your own personal website. 

Create your personal digital home base. Start by creating a website and uploading some projects you have created there. Your website can be very simple: just a few basic pages. 

This step helps to control your online presence and implement new marketing strategies.

How do you work with social media accounts? There are actually different ways. If you are just a beginner in video editing, you will look more professional if you create social accounts with your editing projects.

Be sure to check out and join relevant Facebook groups with video editing interests. You can start posting your projects there, which can be a good way to find work or a job opportunity. 

You should choose another way of creating online presence if you’re only looking for local work. Claim relevant business listings on Google My Business and Yelp. Creating a new Facebook business page could also be a good idea, as customers can leave their reviews there. Your video editing business will show up in the local search results and this way you will attract more local customers. 

How to Become a Video Editing Freelancer: Video Editing Job Boards

Check out our steps to becoming a video editing freelancer. Look at job boards

Once you’ve had enough practice and are confident in your video editing skills, it’s time to сheck out job boards for freelancers. 

Want to work on interesting projects? It is better to check the job boards on a regular basis. Visiting different job posting sites can also help to find something that might match your skills.

Some examples of good freelance video editing job boards:

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