How to choose the best password & data recovery software

How to choose the best password & data recovery software
  • How to choose the best password & data recovery software

We are living in a digital world where we rely heavily on computer and mobile phones from work to daily life. As the technology develops, we put more and more attention to the information security so that there are passwords everywhere for computers, office documents and mobile apps to protect our data. One day, due to an unknown accident, you forget the password or delete the data. What would you do for password and data recoveryYes, you can resort to the online password recovery software and data recovery software. Lets dive deep into it.  


Part 1: How to choose the best password recovery software  


There is a bunch of password recovery software on the market. You will get lost in finding the right one to help you out of the computer or document locking issues. To find the best password recovery software, you need to grasp the following checkpoints:  

-> Choose a reliable password recovery software provider that is professional with rich experience. 

-> Understand your requirements for the password recovery software.  

-> Check whether the software system requirement is coordinate with yours.  

-> Make sure the software is 100% safe and with no virus .

-> Before purchasing the software, download the free version to see whether the using interface is concise and easy to understand.  


Considering all above factors, one of the highly recommended software, iSunshare Password Genius, stands out with the all-in-one solution to recover over 70 types of passwords. The clean and simple using interface makes it a hot choice to recover the forgotten password. 

Part 2: How to choose the best data recovery software  


It is easy to recover the password in minutes, but it takes time to recover the data. When it comes to data recovery, it means to retrieve or save data from inaccessible or failed secondary storage media. For you to choose the best data recovery software, you need to take the following factors into consideration:  

-> Security. No matter what the data you want to recover is, you should put the security in the first place. Also, the data recovery software should make no damage to the data.  

-> Support various document formats. As you deal with multiple documents formats daily, it will help to save your time and money if the data recovery software supports various formats such as video, image and audio.  

-> Recovery ability. The powerful data recovery software can not only help you recover data from hard drive, but also the USB flash drive, memory card and other removable storage devices. 

-> Prices. If the data recovery software is free, it is great to download it on the official website. If the software needs to paid, you should pay attention to the features and have a free try before purchase.  


All of us like the easy to use but helpful software, especially for the data recovery software, because not every user can handle complicated steps that require the professional knowledge of the computer system. Therefore, iSunshare Data Genius is a good choice to recover lost data without pains. It is the absolutely free data recovery software that supports various file types as well as provides 4 recovery options: Deleted Recovery, Format Recovery, Raw File Recovery and Partition Recovery.  

In summary, it is essential to proect our password and data in this digital world. Once you lost either one, iSunshare  the all-in-one password and data recovery developer will be always here to solve your issues. Of course, hope you never encounter such issues. 

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