How to Find Out Which of Your Personal Data is Collected by Microsoft

How to check which of your personal data is collected by Microsoft
  • How to check which of your personal data is collected by Microsoft

There is a tool that will give away the exact categories of info the OS maker is interested in. All Windows users can see exactly how much and what type of their personal data is being collected by Microsoft. The company gathers a lot of detailed information: basic records, all devices you use, all installed apps and how often you use them, etc.

Microsoft says that it’s using this data for improving their service and keeping it up-to-date.

Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer

A new tool for Windows 10, the Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer, has recently been released. There is a record of everything the operating system sends to Microsoft in it. 

So let’s look at what type of information is collected:

- The operating system version and name, device ID and class, diagnostic level selection.

- Device connectivity and configuration: device properties, capabilities and network information, preferences and settings, peripherals.

- Product and Service Performance: device health, reliability data, movie consumption functionality.

- Product and Service Usage: usage of the device, operating system, applications, and services.

- Software Setup and Inventory: installed applications, device update information.

Marisa Rogers, Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group’s privacy officer, said that their commitment was to be fully transparent on the diagnostic data collected from our Windows devices, and to provide us with increased control over that data. 

This new tool, the Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer, is part of Windows commitment to increase users’ trust and confidence in Windows products and services.

All Windows 10 users will be able to download the Diagnostic Data Viewer for free from the Microsoft Store. Microsoft has also made some changes to the existing Microsoft Privacy Dashboard. A new Activity History page has been introduced and it shows an easy way to find all the data that was saved under your Microsoft account. You can manage your data and change which data is collected by adjusting the privacy settings on your device or in your browser at any time with the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard.

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