How to Get Messages From Android on Your PC

Did you know that you can get Android messages on your PC? We are happy to give away some helpful tips
  • Did you know that you can get Android messages on your PC? We are happy to give away some helpful tips

Our mission today is to help you learn how to view, copy and send Android messages from your PC.

Text messaging is a very fast way of exchanging information and receiving updates.

We used to think that this useful feature was available only on devices with a SIM card. But what if we told you that you can easily access and send SMS (text) messages from your computer too? With the Pushbullet app you will be able to view all notifications, as well as read and reply to text messages right on your desktop or laptop computer. This is free software with a Pro version available. While we’re at it, we will also tell you how to use the Android ‘Messages for web’ service, which allows to read and reply via a dedicated website.


First of all, download the Pushbullet app from the Google Play Store on your smartphone. After launching the app, it will ask you to sign in with your Google account. It must be the same account you are going to use in the Pushbullet desktop application, which is a free software download you get from the Pushbullet website and install on your computer. 

Then you will need to give permission to see your phone’s notifications on the computer. This way you will get all your Android messages on your PC.

Activate notification access by selecting the switch next to the app name and confirm these  settings on your Android.  

You may also want to allow Pushbullet access to your contacts. This is very useful because it will let you see who is calling or texting. 

If you want to text from your computer, select ‘Enable’ to activate this option and confirm access rights for the Pushbullet app.

Get access to your Android messages on computer

After launching the Pushbullet desktop application, find the ‘Devices' tab and confirm your detected device. Go to the ‘SMS’ tab to see your text messages. Pushbullet shows the entire conversation between you and your contact. Just type your reply and send it like you used to do on your smartphone.

Pushbullet  has a really cool feature for owners of more than one Android device: they can go to the ‘Devices’ tab, switch between devices and open different windows for using more than one device simultaneously.  

Browser extension

You can also install the Pushbullet browser extension, which will make it even easier to see all your messages and notifications. 

To get started, go to the Pushbullet website, choose the ‘Set up your Computer’ tab and select your browser.  

The Pushbullet icon will appear in the browser window after installation. If you want to access your smartphone settings, just click it and you’ll see a pop-up window.

To check if your smartphone is detected, go to the ‘Devices’ tab.  To check your latest calls and texts, go to the ‘Notifications’ tab.

Android Messages for web service

Messages for web for Android helps Android users to get messages and notifications from their smartphones on their desktop devices. 

If you don’t have the ‘Android messages’ app, install it on your smartphone to get started and then go to Android Messages for Web on your computer to get an automatically generated QR code.  

Go to Android Messages and find the ‘Settings’ button, then choose More options -> “Messages for web”. Turn on your camera and scan the QR code. By doing this, you will connect your phone and your computer.

With “Messages for web” you can view your texts and reply. Note that this service works only if your phone is turned on and connected to the Internet or WiFi. 

Remember that after closing your browser and visiting the ‘Messages for web’ page again, you will probably need to scan a new QR code. Otherwise, just click “Remember this computer” if this feature is not switched on by default.  

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