How to Improve Windows 10 Startup Time

How to edit your startup programs list to get to using PC faster. Check out some simple tips right now
  • How to edit your startup programs list to get to using PC faster. Check out some simple tips right now

Probably one of the greatest  benefit tablets have is that they start up very fast. And how long does it take your PC to start up? The main problem is that there are too many programs that get launched by default when you turn your computer on.

If your PC is almost new and it has slowed to a crawl, you can try a little house cleaning. This tip will help not only with Windows 10, but with Windows 8.1 as well.

So how do you check what programs start up by default? Task manager will help with this. Just follow these easy steps.

Right-click on the Start button in the lower left corner of your screen -> Select Task Manager from the context menu. 

Another way: Ctrl + Shift + Esc if you prefer keyboard shortcuts.

Choose the Startup tab in Task Manager. This command will show all the programs that are launched by default when you boot into Windows. It could be quite a long list.

If you are running the simplified version of Task Manager you won't see the Startup tab or any other tabs. Just click the ‘More details’ option at the bottom of the window and you will see the different tabs.

Editing startup programs

Sort the various startup programs in Task Manager by importance

Try to sort the various startup programs by importance. You need to understand what you really need and what you don't. In general, most items can be turned off, but you may want to keep some running. For example, it's a very good idea to leave any software related to the graphics card running. If you want to be on the safe side, do not mess with anything that's linked to any hardware. 

Also, if you use special services, that's something you'll want to leave running as well.

Before disabling any programs, look through the entire list. There are four columns under the Startup tab: Name of the program, Publisher, Status (Enabled or Disabled), and the most important column for us: Startup impact (None, Low, Medium, or High).

As mentioned earlier, the ‘Startup Impact’ column is the most important. Look for the programs that have the ‘High’ rating, because these programs require a lot of resources at boot time. Programs rated ‘Medium’ and then ‘Low’ would be next on the list.

Start disabling some programs once you have looked through the list and seen how each program might be impacting your system startup. You need to decide which programs you should keep launching at startup, and which ones can be safely disabled. Remember that re-enabling a program is just a click away if you later decide you really need it.

Go through the startup items one by one and select all programs you don't want to start by default. Then click ‘Disable’ at the bottom-right of the window. When you're done, just close Task Manager.

Depending on how many programs were disabled, your PC startup time should be improved now. 

If your PC is still slow to start up after you have disabled some programs, you may have to research the situation deeper. Remember that it's always a good idea to run an antivirus scan whenever you face performance issues just in case the culprit could be malware. If you don’t have the right free software to use, check out giveaway of the day. Here you will always find a free software giveaway that’s going to improve your PC or your user experience.

Another way to start using your computer faster is disabling some hardware you don't use or even upgrading your RAM. 

However, if you do all of the above, but your PC startup time is still slower than you wanted, try replacing your hard drive with an SSD. Nothing makes as big a difference as switching to an SSD when it comes to speeding up PC, but checking your startup programs in Windows 10 to find the ones that could slow down the system is a very important first step.

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