How to Make Your Windows 10 More Powerful

Top five tools to make Windows 10 more powerful
  • Top five tools to make Windows 10 more powerful

Did you know that there is a bunch of very useful tools already built right into your Windows 10? In fact, when you think of installing new software onto your PC, be sure to check if there is already a similar tool that’s part of Windows. You may be in for a nice surprise!

We would also like to mention that Windows 10 updates come with some new features that are simply awesome. Microsoft is adding much-requested functionality and trying to listen to its users, finally. In this article we wanted to focus on some of the most interesting and helpful utilities that can improve your PC user experience.

Unfortunately Microsoft is also pushing hard to use Edge, Bing and Cortana. In this regard, we think that Windows 10 should show more respect to a user’s choice. But if you try to forget about this, the rest of the system is quite good.

Windows 10 is an operating system that is easy to customize at any level. And this feature is very important for users. It helps to feel more confident while doing some complicated things on the computer. Users can fix minor PC bugs all by themselves. Also, Microsoft is trying to bring mobile and web app paradigms to the desktop.

Of course, Windows 10 still has lots of little bugs to complain about, but there’s also a coherence that you won’t find on other desktop platforms. So let’s go through five useful tools capable of making your Windows 10 more powerful and helping  it satisfy all your needs.

1. Eartrumpet, free software. A must-install utility that lets you set custom volume levels for every app. EarTrumpet is a very powerful volume control app for Windows 10.

2. Groupy costs $9.99 (30-day free trial). Groupy is a very powerful organizational tool for Windows 10 that helps to keep information tabbed. It lets you take any open app and make it a tab in another app. You can drag and drop different applications and documents together into a tabbed interface with easy access. That’s really cheap software, considering how much easier it can make the life of a person who has to work with many apps simultaneously. 

3. ShareX is a free software program. It’s a tool that helps with screen capture and file sharing. The app is very customizable and powerful, and it supports over 80 destinations! 

4. Ditto Clipboard is another free software program. It is a fast and simple clipboard history tool. This utility is built into Windows 10 and can perform cloud sync with other devices. Ditto Clipboard saves each item placed in the virtual clipboard and allows you to save any type of information: text, images, html, and more. 

5. Wox is a free software program too. Wox is an effective launcher for Windows. It’s one of those launch bar/search boxes you bring up with a keystroke. Wox lets you set custom web searches like “pages posted in the last day” on Google. It is a full-featured launcher that lets you access programs and web content.

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