How to Make Your Windows 10 Work Faster

Our tips and a free software download will help speed up your Windows 10 very fast
  • Our tips and a free software download will help speed up your Windows 10 very fast

We are going to share with you top tips for boosting your Windows 10 efficiency.  

You probably know that Windows 10 contains a lot of different features that require quite a large amount of system resources. 

Bloatware, temporary files and less powerful hardware are the most common reasons for your slowed down computer.

We are going to go through the best ways for speeding up your Windows 10 right now!  

1. Start by updating your OS

Our tips and free software download will help to speed up your Windows 10 very fast: strat with update

Updates are designed to fix common bugs and speed up your system performance. Some updates make significant changes and maximize OS efficiency. So try to check for new updates in the notification bar of your Windows as often as possible.

Save and back up your personal data before launching the updating process. If you don’t have free software for data backup, check for free software of the day. You will likely find a suitable software giveaway for you.

Note that you need to restart your PC after all updates.

2. Clean your disk


Our tips and a free software download will help to speed up your Windows 10 very fast: use Auslogics BoostSpeed

For cleaning various temporary files (image thumbnails, downloaded program files and offline web pages) you can use the built-in Windows utility - Disk Cleanup. This app shows files that need to be removed. Disk Cleanup also calculates how much space will be saved.

This utility is also good at deleting files on your hard drive and clearing even more space.

Another option for cleaning temporary files is to install Auslogics BoostSpeed. The free trial lets you clean out junk files quickly and easily. 

3. Too many visual effects

In Windows 10 there are a lot of special effects like translucency and animations. We advise that you go to the “System” tab and find “Advanced Settings” -> “Performance Settings”.  Click the “Custom” button in the “Visual Effects” and disable some of the effects. 

4. Add more RAM

Our tips and a free software download will help speed up your Windows 10 very fast: add more RAM

RAM (random access memory) has a huge impact on the PC speed. The recommended minimum for Windows 10 is 4GB, but if you are a video gamer you’ll probably need much more.

Try installing more RAM to solve the slowdown issue. There are special RAM slots in your PC to insert memory chips into. If you don’t know the type of memory for your PC, go to Task Manager -> Performance. The system will display memory slots in use and their type, for example DDR3.

5. Boring system maintenance tasks

Think that routine system maintenance tasks are boring stuff? Entrust this work to a built-in utility which is going to defragment your hard drive, scan for updates, and check for malware. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

All system maintenance tasks will be run in the background while you are working.

Go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Security and Maintenance. Expand the maintenance options and select the “Start Maintenance” tab. Note: close or save any open files before starting the maintenance.

Want to see more interesting ideas for how to improve your Windows 10? You will find them here -> How to Improve Windows 10 Startup Time

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