How to Solve Common Windows 10 Problems

Problems with Microsoft Windows 10? We are ready to help! Check out this list of the most common Windows 10 problems and easy solutions for them
  • Problems with Microsoft Windows 10? We are ready to help! Check out this list of the most common Windows 10 problems and easy solutions for them

Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating systems in the world with over 700 million users. Although the operating system is getting better with each update, today we would like to talk about the fact that there are still plenty of Windows 10 problems despite many issues having been patched since the version launch.

If you’re having a hard time with your Windows 10 OS, we are going to share with you 7 of the most common problems with simple solutions you can apply right now.

Let’s start!

Problem №1: How to Stop Annoying Automatic Updates

Problems with Windows 10? We are ready to help! Check out the most common Windows 10 problem: annoying updates

Microsoft's attitude towards  Windows 10 system updates is very annoying. Because after updates there is an automatic restart, which can happen at a very inconvenient time for you. We have found the simplest way to stop automatic updates

1. Go to Settings and then to Update & Security

2. Click on Advanced Options

3. Notify to Schedule Restart

After everything is done, Windows 10 will ask if you are ready to update or if you’d rather do it later.

Good! No more interrupting anymore!

Problem №2: How to Update Your Old Software

Any problems with Microsoft 10? We are ready to help! Check out the most common Windows 10 problem: update old software

If some programs aren't working on the new Windows 10, try updating them. If updating doesn't work, it is best to delete and reinstall software.

If updating doesn’t work, see about replacing the problem software with a close alternative. You can get daily free software at Giveaway Club. With their free software of the day, you are sure to find something that will work for you sooner or later.

Problem №3: How to Speed Up PC

Problems with Windows 10? We are ready to help! Check out the most common Windows 10 problem: how to speed up PC

There are a lot of different ways to speed up your PC. Let’s look at several quick options you could try today.

One of the easiest ways to rejuvenate your PC is to manage automatic startup programs. Try to have fewer programs get launched upon Windows startup.

See some detailed instructions here:

Another good idea is to delete unused programs or files from your PC.

Don’t want to search for those manually? Not a problem!

You can get just one program that is going to boost your PC in one click! Auslogics BoostSpeed runs a complete checkup of your entire system locating junk files and speed-reducing issues. Everything on your PC will work faster with Auslogics BoostSpeed

Problem №4: How to Remove the Lock Screen

In Windows 10, the lock screen can be really annoying. If you have a touchscreen computer, you are in luck, as you can just swipe away the lock screen and start using your machine. Most of the rest of us want the lock screen gone, as it’s a step that slows down the startup process.

There is a solution to the lock screen problem. It might look a little complicated if you are not familiar with the registry.

Be very careful, because one wrong step can cause serious problems. Don’t go into the registry if you're a novice with computers.

But if you are confident in what you are doing, run the Registry Editor.

1. Open the Search (next to the Start menu) and type: regedit

2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows

3. Select the Personalisation key then New

4. Choose DWORD (32-bit) Value

5. Select New Value #1 and rename to NoLockScreen by using F2

6. Double click it and change the value to 1

7. Click OK

Do not forget to reboot your PC after going through all these steps. Now you should be able to automatically bypass the lock screen.

Problem №5: How to Level Up PC Security

Problems with Windows 10? We are ready to help! Check out the most common Windows 10 problem: how to level up PC security

Unfortunately nowadays there are a lot of hacker attacks that happen when you least expect. So PC security is a very important issue. Windows 10 has built-in security features that you need to know about.

One of these features is Windows Defender. It will help you detect and remove malware from your Windows 10. To find Windows Defender, go to Settings and then to Update & Security. Check that your Windows Defender is turned on and ready to save you from any malware.

Another option is to install a third-party antivirus solution. Check out a daily software giveaway platform for a free software download if you don’t have an antivirus yet.

Another interesting security feature is Windows Hello. It allows for biometric authentication on your PC. There is also the Windows Passport that will secure all your credentials in one place.

Unfortunately, you’ll never be able to eliminate all threats. But using software to protect your PC helps a lot, along with being careful while browsing the internet.

Problem №6: How to Stop Using Loads of Data

Windows 10 users report that the default configuration is using loads of data while you are surfing the Internet.

There's a way to solve this problem.

1. Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi

2. Click Advanced Options

3. Set as metered connection.

By doing this, your Windows 10 will stop collecting so much data in the background.

Problem №7: Working on High-Resolution Screens

Problems with Windows 10? We are ready to help! Check out the most common Windows 10 problem: working on high-resolution screens

There is an issue with high-resolution screens and Windows 10 that includes experiencing blurriness in some applications.

The way to solve this problem:

1. Go to Control Panel

2. Proceed to Display and fiddle around with the settings there.

Unfortunately, there is no one single setting that will fix all issues, so experiment and see what is going to work best.

If you need to fix blurriness in specific applications:

1. Right click on the app's icon

2. Select Properties

3. Under the Compatibility tab find the option to 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings'

4. Tick it and the problems should disappear

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