Importance of Using a Password Manager

Do you usually use the same password for all online accounts? That is very unsafe! You need to use strong and unique passwords. A password manager or password keeper will help!
  • Do you usually use the same password for all online accounts? That is very unsafe! You need to use strong and unique passwords. A password manager or password keeper will help!

Is remembering all your passwords a real headache? Do you still use some simple word from your life as an everywhere password? It may be your pet’s name, birth dates of your family members or the name of your first child. Sounds familiar? This article will help you choose the right password management software and never forget any logins or passwords anymore.

Some users are sceptical about password managers, having a strong belief they are not safe and that you are letting the developer know your secure data. In fact, that’s totally not true, as the encryption methods used in this kind of software prevent the developers from getting access to any personal data through their products. Instead, think about the level of security your current passwords have. “12345”, “qwerty”, “mypassword” are not safe at all and can easily be cracked by even newbie hackers. Moreover, the problem gets bigger if you use the same or similar passwords for all your accounts in different services. If one of them gets compromised, all your accounts get endangered at once.

Password manager software: what is it for?

Generally this kind of software takes away your problems with creating and remembering passwords. Most of the products in this category will offer you to create strong passwords that are extremely difficult to crack, as well as let you store all your passwords in one place. You’re likely to fall in love with the autofill feature, so that you don’t have to enter your login and password manually. All you need to remember is just one password to unlock your program. Isn’t it convenient?

So, what are some of the best password managers for you? Below we have collected the most popular products in this niche.

Password Manager: LastPass

It’s a great tool that is very easy to use even for a person with insufficient computer skills. LastPass will let you create extremely strong passwords and sync between multiple browsers.

It also has the security features that will protect your online surfing from phishing websites. AES-256 encryption is the strongest data protection standard, so you can be sure that no one will have access to your data without knowing the master password to unlock your LastPass.

Password Manager: KeePass

KeePass is probably one of the most trusted software tools of its kind. This open source product is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. One of its most convenient features is that this tool is portable, so you can take it with you on a flash drive just about anywhere you go and use it on any computer. Once you remove KeePass, not a single one of your passwords remains available on it.

Other killer features are the two-factor authentication, a possibility to export your passwords in common formats like HTML or txt, and good protection against any attempts to crack your passwords.

Password Manager: Roboform

In case you need a password manager for your mobile device, Roboform will be right for you, but it’s also available for Windows and Mac. Launched in 1999, Roboform is one of the oldest and most trusted password managers on the market. It perfectly handles all the standard functions, like secure storage of your passwords and one-click login, but you can also purchase a premium version, which enables cloud storage. 

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Don’t be afraid of compromising your data, it’s impossible with the modern standards of encryption. Instead, password managers will definitely save you time and efforts by helping you safely store and remember all of your passwords. It’s time to stop using one-for-all-cases passwords, as well as weak ones and having problems with account recovery. Since most password managers are free for private use, you can feel free to at least have a try. 

May your data be safe!

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