Free Photo Editing Software

Looking for the best photo editing software? Make your photos look their best with these free professional photo editing software.
  • Looking for the best photo editing software? Make your photos look their best with these free professional photo editing software.

Did you know that some free photo editing software can help make your photos look amazing? But it could be hard to choose a program that works for you. Giveaway Club testers are here with a list of the best photo editing software for beginners and professionals.

We found the most powerful free professional photo editing software that gives you control over your photo details and offers a range of filters. Want to print your photos? Free professional photo editing software will help you get a more nuanced result and your pictures will look perfect, even at high resolutions.

If you are looking for easy photo editing software and want to tweak your photos a little before sharing online, on our list you will find good photo editing software that allows you to easily resize, crop and apply filters. Many free photo editing software tools have built in social media sharing and can remove any obstacles to photo uploading. The main benefit most of us appreciate is, of course, being easy to use.

If you are looking for the best photo editing software for Mac, we recommend checking out this article: Top Cheap Software as Photoshop Alternatives for Mac.

Free Photo Editing Software: GIMP

GIMP is great free professional photo editing software. It is packed with advanced options and looks like Photoshop. In this free photo editing software there are no ads or limitations. 

If you select the single-window mode in this editor, your interface will look like an Adobe-style layout. The photo editing features are varied: layers, masks, curves, the excellent clone stamp, custom brushes and smart selection tools.

GIMP also has a huge collection of plugins. Many of them are pre-installed but you can download more or even install Photoshop plugins.

GIMP is one of the best photo editing software tools you can download for free. It has a combination of power and flexibility and can be used on any OS: Windows, macOS or Linux.

Free Photo Editing Software: Paint.NET

Paint.NET is quick, easy to operate free photo editing software that's ideal for non-professional tasks. It has manual controls packaged in a very easy and intuitive interface. 

Paint.NET also has some advanced editing tools like layers, undo history, varied filters, plugin support, and a brilliant 3D rotate/zoom feature. Even though it might not have enough features for professional editing, it could be a great option for you if you are looking for easy photo editing software.

Free Photo Editing Software: Photo Pos Pro

The Photo Pos Pro free photo editing software isn't very well known, but it's a superb photo editor that has many professional features, like the ones in Photoshop. 

Photo Pos Pro’s interface is smart and very accessible, and all elements are arranged in a logical and consistent way. In free photo editing software Photo Pos Pro you will find layers and layer masks, tools for adjusting curves and levels manually and the one-click filters.

For erasing unwanted blemishes, you will find a clone brush, and if you need to work on a whole folder of photos there's extra support for batch-editing and scripts that will help save you time. 

There are Photo Pos Pro beginner and advanced modes. With the free edition, you will be able to save files at a maximum resolution of 1,024 x 2,014 pixels, which is not enough to print high-quality professional photos. The Premium Edition will cost you $29.90.

Free Photo Editing Software: PhotoScape

PhotoScape looks like very simple free photo editing software, but it includes some advanced tools: a great selection of filters, raw conversion, photo splitting and merging, animated GIF creation, plus, with PhotoScape, you can even print lined, graph or sheet music paper.

PhotoScape has a very unusual interface with tools grouped into pages. We think that this is great free photo editing software for a beginner, but professionals can also get some nice results with it. Some filters in PhotoScape are not easy for beginners. So this free photo editing software  is a good choice if you need to make quick changes, sharpen or add mild filtering to your pictures.

Free Photo Editing Software: Fotor

Fotor is more like a photo enhancer. It has one-click photo enhancement tools and advanced manual controls. In Fotor you won’t find specific tools for retouching. But if you need to do something simple, you will get premium-level filters that will sure help. What else do you get? Foolproof tilt-shift tool, a lot of various colour tweaks and the option to edit your own curves and levels without too much difficulty.

Batch image processing is Fotor's most brilliant feature. You can filter a pile of pics in one go. But unfortunately you won’t get any plugin support.

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