See How Google is Tracking You and Stop It

Did you know that Google is collecting information about you through different methods? We are going to give you some tips to stop it
  • Did you know that Google is collecting information about you through different methods? We are going to give you some tips to stop it

Are you concerned about the fact that Google most likely knows everything about you in details? Well, the good news is that it’s rather easy to take the control back. Of course the easiest option is to delete your Google account entirely and never use it again, but here we collected some tips that will help you make Google know less about you while you still use it.

First of all you need to turn off Location Services and GPS on your phone as Google is constantly tracking your location. To make it stop it, you should understand the 2 ways Google does it:

1. Some Google apps like Google Maps and Waze, use GPS and location data from your device. Since you enter the desired destination address into the navigator when starting your ride, Google knows your home address and your most visited places like restaurants, working office, children’s schools, etc.

2. Your Android device has location tracking settings that send data to Google without warning or asking you about it.

So, it’s time to disable the location services on your device. You need to find the Location menu under Settings to turn it off. GPS can also be deactivated from your pull-down menu in one click.

To turn off the location detection on your computer, open Google Chrome and go to your account’s Activity controls. You can simply turn it off from this menu.

Basically, your Activity controls page is where you can turn off not only location tracking, but almost any online activity tracking. Find Web and App Activity, Device Information, Voice and Audio Activity, YouTube Search History, and YouTube Watch History. Turning these options off will change your account’s setting across all devices on which  you use it. In addition to that, you may want to remove Google Ad tracking from Google’s ad tracking section. This way you will prevent Google from collecting information about your interests and using it to personalize ads. 

Google also gives you a link to AdChoices. This is another large ad network that tracks your online activity to personalize ads. Although it’s not operated by Google itself, you can still turn off the tracking there.

If you use Gmail you should know that this service also has a number of options to track your activity. In order to prevent that, select the gear icon in the upper right corner and open the Settings section. You’ll find all the tracking options under General.

Another way Google can track you is through Calendar scanning. Have you ever noticed that if, for instance, you have a flight or a hotel reservation, Google will show ads that are related to your trip?  We know that Google Calendar is something many of us are hooked on, so not using it probably isn’t an option. Don’t worry, although it make take some time, it’s still possible to prevent Google from learning about your events. So, here is what you need to do:

1. Go to Google Calendar.

2. Open the Settings section.

3. Find and select Events from Gmail.

4. Turn off the ‘Automatically add events from Gmail to my calendar’ option.

From this point you have to clean your cache and stop syncing with Chrome. To stop syncing:

1. Open the Chrome browser and go to Settings.

2. Find the Syncing section and disable all options in it.

3. Select the ‘Do Not Track’ option in the Privacy and Security section.

4. Go to Content Settings. Disable cookies. Before you turn off cookies, you’d better remember and write down your passwords and login details.

5. Find ‘Clear browsing data’ in Advanced settings. Choose the Advanced tab in the window that opens and set the Time range to All Time.

All these actions will help dramatically reduce the amount of information Google knows about you, but they may also make your browsing not as comfortable as before. It may also make a websites load time slightly bigger.

The next step to saving your personal information is always using trusted software and scanning your computer for malware.

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