Top Tricks for Effective Web Search

How to use search operators and make your web searches much more effective
  • How to use search operators and make your web searches much more effective

There are some basic techniques that you need to know if you want to make your web search experience more effective.

In this article Giveaway Club is going to share the most useful web search shortcuts for making your searches more successful.

All of these tips can be used by any person of any skill level. So let’s start!

All things you should know to make your web searches much more effective

Tip 1. How to Use Quotes

By putting  a phrase in quotes you can save quite a bit of web search time. But how do you use quotes?

Just put quotation marks around a phrase in the search bar. By doing that, you will only get results that will contain the exact phrase you typed. This tip is very effective for getting hyper-focused results. Such as when you want to find lyrics to a song and you only remember one line from it. Or when looking for the exact model of some device or equipment, and in many other similar situations.

Tip 2. How to Search Within a Site

Did you know that you can search for information within just one site? This is a really easy way to find what you need on a specific website, especially when the site doesn’t offer a search option. How to do this? Use this formula to search within a site:  

site:www.giveaway-club.comfree software of the day

If you type this in the search bar, Google will show you search results that are related to free software of the day only from the Giveaway Club website.

Tip 3. How to Search for a Website with a Specific Word in Its Name

If you need to find a website that has a given word in its URL, use the following formula in the search bar:


Your search results will only contain websites with the word “giveaway” in the URL.

Tip 4. How to Search Within Titles of Web Pages

Web page titles are shown at the top of each result. If you need to restrict your search to web pages with titles containing specific words, use the "allintitle" command. This term is specific to Google search. Formula for you:

allintitle: free software

In search results, you will only see web pages that have the phrase “free software” in their title.

Tip 5. How to Find a Cached Website Version

Did you know that you can often still find the original web page even after it’s been changed? Google keeps a cached or archived copy of some websites. This option makes it easy to find information or pages that may have been deleted. If a website is having too much traffic and is slow to respond, this feature can also come in handy and let you view website contents without loading the actual site.

Tip 6. How to Find Pages that Link to a Given Website

For locating websites that link back to a specific page, use the following formula:

The “link” operator combined with a website URL brings back results with pages that link back to that URL.

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Tip 7. How to Limit Search Results

Need to limit your search results? Not a problem! For example, you can limit your results to a specific domain and containing special information. This formula will help you: "daily free software"

This method works in almost all search engines and brings back only the results that you need, which can help you save a lot of time.

Tip 8. How to Narrow Down Web Search Results

Another way to narrow down your web search results is to use “-” (meaning “minus”). This is a very helpful trick that’s easy to remember.

For example, you are searching for give away of the day, but you get lots of results that aren’t exactly useful. To narrow down your search, just add ‘-’ and the word you don’t want to get in results:

"give away of the day" -pay

Now you will get results that will not contain the word “pay”.

Tip 9. How to Find Specific File Formats

You can use Google web search to find any kind of file format available today.

A very effective way to search for specific file formats is by using the ‘filetype’ operator.

For example, if you wanted to search for PNG image files of the Windows logo, you would type:

filetype:png "windows logo"

Tip 10. How to Broaden Your Search

Need to broaden your web search results? Use the following character: * (asterisk)

For example, if you are looking for sites with free software, don't search for just "free software", search for

free software*

This will return pages that contain "free software" as well as pages that contain "download software", "software for windows", "software updater", and so on.

Happy Web Search Journey!

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