Windows Antivirus Software: Use It or Not

Every day we spend a lot of time online, so it is very important to be careful and keep your personal information safe. Be sure to use antivirus software that can help prevent your information from getting stolen.
  • Every day we spend a lot of time online, so it is very important to be careful and keep your personal information safe. Be sure to use antivirus software that can help prevent your information from getting stolen.

Many users nowadays start wondering if they even need antivirus software in 2019. The built in system defenders claim to do their job well enough, while the developers of third-party antivirus software are still getting reach. Why do people purchase antivirus programs if system defenders are a reliable shield against all attacks? How do you like the theory that antivirus software developers might be investing in creating new malware in order to sell their products? And finally, do we really need an antivirus to stay truly protected?

Viruses are not the only trouble

Actually, those nasty viruses that may infect your PC and damage personal data are not the only threat. Today, we experience more harm from malware, which is designed with different yet still malicious purposes. It usually quietly gets on your computer and quietly does its job without you even noticing anything wrong until it’s too late. In most cases malware tends to steal your personal data like logins and passwords, even credit card details. This may lead to huge losses in case this information is successfully collected by the malware developer. 

Every day we spend a lot of time online, so it is very important to be careful and keep your personal information protected. Use antivirus software to keep your personal data safe.

Is Windows 10 protected well enough?

It seems that Microsoft has finally taken into account that user safety is really important. This resulted in building 2 useful tools in Windows 10: Windows Firewall and Windows Defender. Since both of them are part of the system, they don't require to apply any additional resources to operate. Meanwhile, Microsoft is watching for newly released and potential threats, updates its database quickly and supplies users with a decent shield. While some people are perfectly happy with these built-in tools, others are quite sceptical about their effectiveness. It's up to you to decide what security level Microsoft could offer you, but at least Windows Defender and Firewall are great to use alongside a third party antivirus program or while you are looking for one.

Being too careful is always good

You think you are careful enough when surfing online? Even if you get your downloads from developers’ official websites, complete payments only on sites with https in their address, never compromise your login details or any other personal data, you are never totally safe when browsing without protection. You probably wouldn't ride in a powerful sports car without buckling in, and surfing without a good antivirus is just the same. 

It is very important to be careful while surfing online. Use antivirus software and keep your personal data safe.

Using nothing is the worst choice

If you are still surfing the Internet without any kind of defence, you'd better think twice.  On a Windows 10 computer, you can start by enabling Windows Defender, but then look for a good full-featured antivirus for your PC. It wouldn't cost you that much, and will definitely keep your data more secure. If you aren't sure which antivirus to pick, read our post on 5 great antivirus software programs for free.Try a free version, then upgrade if you feel like you need some of the advanced features.

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