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5 Best Free Antivirus Software ProgramsJan 2019

5 Great Antivirus Software Programs for Free

Some power users are pretty sure that the best antivirus protection they can get can’t be free. If you have premium antivi... Read more!
by Giveaway Club Team
Learn the tips for becoming a guru in presenting your speech with any presentation softwareJan 2019

10 Tips for Crafting Genius Presentations

The good old PowerPoint is alive and can still serve you a great deal in making your presentation. Moreover, there are other... Read more!
by Giveaway Club Team
Importance of using password managerJan 2019

Importance of Using a Password Manager

Is remembering all your passwords a real headache? Do you still use some simple word from your life as an everywhere passwor... Read more!
by Giveaway Club Team
The best free video editing software for desktopJan 2019

Free Video Editing Software for Desktop

Today, it is not a problem anymore to create great content for your Youtube channel or for any other needs by using free vid... Read more!
by Giveaway Club Team
Photo editing software absolutely for free.Jan 2019

Free Photo Editing Software

Did you know that some free photo editing software can help make your photos look amazing? But it could be hard to choose a ... Read more!
by Giveaway Club Team
Awesome free presentation softwareDec 2018

The Best Free Presentation Software

You are in the right place if you want to learn how to create interactive presentations and engage your audience. Just use m... Read more!
by Giveaway Club Team
2018 Statistics in the US: Web Browsers and Social NetworksDec 2018

Web Browsers and Social Networks: Market Share in the US

Year 2018 is almost over. It is the perfect time to look back and analyze which web browsers and social networks were the mo... Read more!
by Giveaway Club Team
The best gadgets and free software as a Christmas gift for your laptopDec 2018

The Best Gadgets and Free Software for Your Laptop

We decided that your laptop deserves the best Christmas gift. But how do you find this special present? Here is a list of th... Read more!
by Giveaway Club Team
The best free software and apps for your Windows 10Dec 2018

The Most Useful Free Apps for Your Windows 10

You want to get maximum value from your Windows 10 and are now looking for some useful apps? You are in the right place! We... Read more!
by Giveaway Club Team
The best apps and software for video chattingDec 2018

The Best Free Software and Mobile Apps for Video Chatting

A video call gets you much closer to the person with whom you are talking. Nowadays, apps for phones and free software for d... Read more!
by Giveaway Club Team
Download YouTube videos easily and for freNov 2018

How to Download YouTube Video for Free

Planning a long trip on a plane or train? You will probably want to watch some videos or listen to music for entertainment. ... Read more!
by Giveaway Club Team
Tips and tricks for making Windows awesomeNov 2018

How to Make Windows Awesome

If you are a lucky owner of Windows and want to upgrade your skills, this article is definitely for you! Windows has a lot o... Read more!
by Giveaway Club Team
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