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Giveaway Club: Free Software Alternatives is a portal that encompasses the best free software alternatives to well-known paid programs in any category listed on the main page. Choose the category and one of the paid software titles listed in it to see details and download its free alternatives right away. We hope you will enjoy this new experience!

No registration is needed. Just find the app you need and press the “Download from the official website” button.

When you provide your personal data to Auslogics, you get clear information on what you are subscribing to, how your data may be used, and how you can have your info deleted from our records if needed. See more information about how we handle personal data in our Privacy Policy.

Each file we offer you for download is provided directly from the developer’s website. This means that we have no control over the file and therefore may not be responsible for the file’s safety.

If a user reports a security problem with a file flagged by their antivirus during installation, we take it very seriously and contact the program’s developer for investigation. However, in most cases it turns out to be a false-positive, usually a promotional offer included in the installer flagged as adware or similar.

Paid software titles listed in our catalog are not offered as a giveaway product and are not free. We give a direct link to the developer’s website where you can purchase the paid product. Instead, the catalog provides best free alternatives to paid software titles that can be downloaded immediately for free.

Please use the search menu at the top right of the main page header to find the category or software title you are looking for.

Comments and reviews

We welcome your feedback on any software you download from our site, as it can help other users choose programs to download and helps us bring you the offers you want. To contact us, please use this online form.

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