User FAQs

Find the Download button at the bottom of the giveaway product description. Clicking that button will start the download of a .zip archive with the program installation files onto your computer. Once the download completes, extract the files from the archive, open the Activation instruction.pdf file and follow the instructions provided in it to install and activate the giveaway product.

The whole purpose of the giveaway promotions is to make full versions of great software products available absolutely free for a limited time, that is while the giveaway is running. Once that time period is over, the software is no longer available for free and therefore can’t be installed or activated any longer.

Giveaway software may only be activated while the giveaway is running. It may not be reinstalled and reactivated once the giveaway expires. Therefore, if you like the software and would like to keep using it after reinstalling Windows, you will need to purchase a license from the program developer.

Some of our partners that offer their products for Giveaway Club require that we only make their software available for free to our premium users. This also lets us reward our customers for supporting the company by purchasing our paid software. However, we do appreciate all our users and site visitors and that’s why we make the same software products available to anyone at a huge discount off the regular price.

When our partners provide their premium software for our giveaways, we have to leave them the option to promote other products through the installer. However, each and every installer is checked by us to ensure our users always have the option to decline any additional offers and get a clean installation of the giveaway product. Although ads may be a nuisance, we do hope you understand that they help us bring you these great products for free or at a huge discount.

Since we offer different programs made by different companies, the activation procedure may vary greatly. Each .zip archive that contains the giveaway product also includes a readme.txt file that contains full activation instructions. You need to read those carefully and follow each step precisely to be able to activate and use the full program version.

First of all, you need to make sure you are copying the entire code and using the Windows copy and paste feature instead of entering the code manually. There should be no extra spaces included before, after or in the middle of the code. Please also keep in mind that the code only works while the giveaway is running. Once it’s over, the code will not let you activate the software any longer.

The giveaway terms do not allow updating or upgrading the software to newer versions. Some programs may still obtain information from the company servers on any updates available and display a prompt about that. If you choose to update, the program may get de-activated and revert to trial mode. Some aggressive registry cleaners may also delete software registration information from the Windows registry making your giveaway product revert to trial mode as well. If that happens, there is nothing that can be done to help you get back the full version of the giveaway product, so please be careful when checking for updates or using registry cleaners.

When you provide your personal data to Auslogics, you get clear information on what you are subscribing to, how your data may be used, and how you can have your info deleted from our records if needed. See more information about how we handle personal data in our Privacy Policy.

Comments and reviews

We welcome your feedback on any giveaway software you download from our site, as it can help other users choose programs to download and helps us bring you the offers you want. To leave your comments, you need to register or log in to Giveaway Club and go to the Comments area at the bottom of the page for the software product you are commenting on.

The Comments section is meant as a source of first-hand information that can help other site visitors make informed decisions about products to download, as well as help Giveaways Club choose the most useful and interesting offers to bring you in the future. All comments go through moderation before being published to prevent spam, abusive language or illegal content and such. Try to make your comments as detailed and informative as possible and please be nice to other users.

Here is what our comment moderation policy comes down to:
You may submit both positive and negative commentary on the software. However, you should mention what your opinion is based on, that is why the software is so good or so bad. Give as much detail as possible: what are the features you liked and which ones you would like to see removed, who the program may be useful to or how it could be improved, etc.

Refrain from attacking other commenters, making aggressive or offensive remarks, using inappropriate language or discussing off-topic subjects. You can express your disagreement in a polite way by providing your reasons for a different opinion. By sharing your constructive comments or suggestions you help Giveaway Club select better vendors for future giveaways and bring you the software you really want.

Each file we offer you for download as part of the giveaway package is tested by us to ensure it is virus free. If a user claims a security problem reported by their antivirus during the installation, we take it very seriously and contact our partner for investigation. However, in most cases it turns out to be a false-positive, usually a promotional offer included in the installer flagged as adware or similar.

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